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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Asian Pride -- Asian Hangout for Asian People AsianGirl Private 428,908 9,337
~*Ria High School*~

Good ol' fashion Magical High school RPing.

Tags: High School, Magic, Ria RP, Role Playing, Semi-lit

MintGekkou Private 235,621 720
☽~zOMG! * Addiction * Agency~☾

It's all about the zOMg.... and some gold...and some killing :D

Tags: Gold, Friend-Making, Helping, Crewing, Events

AcidicAmaya Public 3,699 943
Pink Kawaii

For lovers of Pink and Cute !

Tags: Pink, Kawaii, Cute, Art and art lovers, Games

Angel_Candy me Public 79 39
Fo's Babes

If your Sexy, Adorable, and Cute. This is the place to be.

Tags: Sexy, Cute, Adorable, Adorkable, Beautiful

Fogliga Public 5 23
The Paw Clan

Paws unite!

Tags: paws, cute

Snuggles God Private 3 7
Shoujo Mahou Requiem

Think All Shoujo Is Sparkles And Hugs? Think Again!

Tags: Yaoi, Yuri, Literate, Mixed Genre, Anti-Drama Llama

Pink Black Vanilla Public 1,076 39
Cutie Army Brigade

This guild is about raising an army of gaia cuties for the purpose of ruling the world.

Tags: cute, army, role play, artist, fluffy

fluffy dream Public 69 16
The Poor n Cute Club

for all you cute and poor gaians out there ;D

Tags: cute, poor, awesome, super, gaians

13 -l- Death -l- 13 Public 11 8
Emi's Charity Guild

Guild responsible to host Emi's Charity

Tags: Charity, SakiyamaEmi, freebies, roleplay, games

Sakiyama Emi Private 36 2
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