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Elemental Genesis

The world is full of darkness and light. Each trying to take the other over. How can you stop the conflict? Join Genesis!

Tags: Light, Dark, Elemental, Genesis, Roleplay

Awesome Sensei Public 8,613 96
Hunt the Night! ~ Immortal Guardians

RP Guild for Guardians, predator, and prey of the night. A guild based on the Dark-Hunter series.

Tags: Role-playing, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Romance, Drama, Action

xXKiannaikXx Private 1,013 17
The Holy Order - Guild Hall

Private guild used as meeting rooms and intelligence database for the Fortress RP

Tags: Holy, Order, Knight, Paladin

Aurelus LaCrois Private 2,811 75
Video game haven!

Here we talk to each other about all kinds of games, anime, characters, and more! So join today! Click for more info!

Tags: games, kingdom hearts, modern warfare, assassins creed, anime

swordcrossxx Public 336 132
Gaian RPG Pact

For the Gaians. By the Gaians.

Tags: pact, creed, laws, rpging, Zephrman

TDA Zephrman Public 18 8
The Strings Left Unbroken

Tags: Assassin's Creed, Altair, Ezio Auditore, Connor, First Civilization

WinchestersAngel67 Private 141 8
New Game: Age of Wushu Online (Team RECON)

(guild in progress)

Tags: MMORPG, Open PVP, Team, Kung Fu

Aye Banyez Public 2 7
AllianceGaming ( AGMG )

AllianceGaming Gaia HeadQuarters

Tags: clan, Gaming, community, family

DiabloDorito Public 3 2

A guild for futuer sailors, sailor's children, sailor's wives, Navy RPGers, ect.

Tags: Sailor

Toxic Purple Ninja Public 5 2
De Maneo

The dark court

TickIe Me Hellmo Public 3 7
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