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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Fairy Tail Guild

"You want to join Fairy Tail, right? Then come with me!"

Tags: Fairy Tail, Fairy, Tail, Guild, Roleplay

A Bat Joke Public 142 80
The Idiots In Black

Anything, everything, something that just don't make sense. Btw: We're pirates?

Tags: pirate, anything, ninjas, comedy, roleplaying

x sam i am x Private 41,930 100
Random Poll Town (:

its completely random

Tags: contests, polls, random, music, celebrites

sincerelyashie Public 464 65

This is a guild for Soul Crash players. We help each other by exchange info and friendly suggestions on how to play the game.

Tags: soul, crash, player, game, guild

Trinity-Xing Public 20 42

People of The Rising Moon

Tags: people, rising, comeonecomeall, leagueoflegends, moon

Asuruz Private 19 13
One Crazy Rp Group

A guild used for private Rps

Tags: Role Playing, Private

Svelesh Private 393 31
Black Star Academy

A college/academy roleplay involving lust, love, back stabbing and all the good stuff.

Tags: Roleplaying, Romance, School, free, freaks

Negative J3T Private 27 9
Disney Asylum

A Disney Asylum based roleplay.

Tags: Disney, asylum, roleplaying, disney asylum, disney roleplay

Eru Lawliet The wonderful Public 4 1
Fyn Ja Ever Last

A place for friends and family to be together and weird.

Tags: friends, family, weird, crazy, roleplay

MelodyJewlz Public 3 4
Anime Charity

A charity guild focused on donations and more

Tags: anime, charity, donate, donation, gold

Aurora De Staria Private 8 6
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