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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Sailor Moon Lovers!!!

This is manly a guild for all people that love sailor moon ( no haters)

Tags: Sailor, Moon, Sailor Moon, Love, Gaia

Xx---Lady--Of--Light---Xx Public 38 30
Forest Of Insanity

Tags: Random, Crazy, Weird, Insane

Erpel Public 14,889 148
I've Got Cabin Fever!!!

A guild for those who love star wars and want a taste of something new.

Tags: Star wars, Sith, Fighting, Roleplay, Awesome

kagetsuki Burudoshisu Private 92 6
Double Cat Crew

Cats! It's all about dem kittehs

Tags: Cats, Feline, Kittens, Pets, Fuzzballs of joy

IILucid__DreamerII Public 7 6
Land of Rosa

the journey is up to you

Tags: school, race, wizzards, vampires, angels

killme24 Private 846 10
Otaku Generation Roleplays

For those who dare to Roleplay Literatly

Tags: Anime, Orrigional, Role Play, Roleplaying, Writing

Hioni-Neko Public 543 3
Alberast's Gaian Outpost

Helping protect and spread Alberastian ideals throught the worlds of the Void!

Tags: Alberast, Gaia, Outpost

PhoenixOrcinus Public 47 26
Crazy Creatures

Stuff you can't see.

Liralith Private 44 4
Beacon Hills Posse

A Teen Wolf fan guild

Tags: teen wolf, roleplay, beacon hills

aconite frost Public 2 1
Guild of Unknown Foxx


Tags: random, unknown, crazy, funny, foxx

Unknown Foxx Public 1 2
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