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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Double Cat Crew

Cats! It's all about dem kittehs

Tags: Cats, Feline, Kittens, Pets, Fuzzballs of joy

Emibunnie Public 7 6
Sacred Blood Academy

The Place Where Your Deepest And Darkest Thoughts Come Into Play!

Tags: Vampires, Werewolves, Role-playing, Witches, Magic

BabyVanillie Private 303 3
A Roleplayers Paradise

Where you can roleplay without judge

Tags: roleplaying, crazy, paradise, funny, roleplay

ii_crazy panda_ii Public 79 10
Fans of Roleplay [Chat Place for Roleplayers]

A place for roleplayers to chat and maybe get a little too excited about their characters, plot ideas, and anything else concerning RPing.

Tags: chat group, community, discussion, roleplay, group

The Feeling After Surgery Public 7 3
The Cats Prey Glowing Guild (the Guild)

Just A Quick Place To Prey On GLowing Tanks

Tags: Fish, Bump, Gold, quick, Cats

Creative Neko Chan Public 628 65
Angelic Delights

A guild all about sweets. Give Recipes, share stories and make friends.

Tags: Baking, Pastry, Food

Amaerilde Public 4 3
Yin Yang Academy

A place where anybody can join with the right ambition.

Tags: Academy, Romance, Creatures, Humans, Roleplay

Usagi Kogami of Ashikoru Public 258 20
RP Battle Ground

We are only here to have fun role paying and hang with players

Tags: Battle, RolePlay, Anime, Adventure, Fight

ll babaganoosh ll Public 9 5
AFK ... No, really...

just wanted to buy a guild...

Tags: Games, Play station, Xbox, Classics, Computer

MatsuAi Public 5 1
Second Life Users

A quiet place for Second Life users to come and chat

Tags: Second Life, Virtual World, Family, Friends, Linden

Nashirem Public 3 3
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