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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
xXx the Dark Sakura guild xXx [Semi-Lit / Lit RP] Lady Sierra Private 62,050 194

Minecraft randomness & everything

Tags: minecraft, game, mine, craft, build

Reichiru Tomoe Private 23 6
The Art of Insanity

An Art guild for all types of artists.

Tags: Artist, Photography, Literature, Poetry, Music

I TimeKiller I Public 557 264
Lonely Marionette's

a home for marionette's

Tags: Marionette, Dolls, Lonely

Heart Break Hime Private 66 16
La Légion Craftastique

A guild for Arts and Crafts L├ęgionaries.

Tags: Crochet, Knit, Jewelry, Metalsmithing, Pottery

nekogeisha Public 2,110 74
The Crystal Moon Coven

Witchcraft, Wicca, and Paganism

Tags: witchcraft, wicca, paganism

Crystal Sailor Ice Public 2,771 71
The Secret Craft | (Closed)

This guild is based off of a original idea: Magic and all.

Tags: Magic, Romance, School, Chaos, Harmony

Lady Apple White Private 5,319 2
Creative Artisanal Crafts

Come and share your artistic creativity!

Tags: Arts, Crafts, Create, easy, Guild

Twelve Wounds Public 150 28
Arcadia Of Ataraxia

Paradise crafted by the hands of the Ataraxia lineage in hopes and dreams for the better tomorrow.

Tags: Paradise, Family

Terezifer Public 5 10
The Unsung War [U/C]

There are those who fight for freedom, those who fight to control, and those who fight for neutrality. Which side to you fight for?

Tags: Space, Futuristic, StarCraft, Military, Sci-fi

Horror of the Shadows Private 751 9
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