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Operation S.W.A.T.

This rp guild allows you to choose between Good and Evil, Life or Death, Liberty or Money.Be the new Crime boss or an old Time op .

Tags: Police, Gangs, Swat, Cops, Role-Play

Minaru Starwind Public 102 19
~:Shutter Island:~

"You'll never leave this island."

HannahNannah Public 1,553 21
A-T Parts Wars

This Guild is made for Air Gear fans

Tags: Air Gear, Literate rp, Anime, Manga

Jett Hikori Public 126 11
Gaia Sherriff Department!!!!!

find bad ppl

Tags: wanna join, and keep gaia safe, join and be a cop, buy an outfit, and invite freinds

Lovey1413 Public 15 10
The Anti-Noob Guild/Cyber Police

this a guild for people in gaia who hate noobs cybering and want to help out gaia

Tags: police, anti noob, friends, cyber cops, no noobs

X1_T3_AM0_1X Public 13 22
Gaia's town cops guild.

Protecting the towns of gaia.

Tags: cool, gold, money, agent, rank

xXsmurfsrule619Xx Public 17 10
Lombardi Mafia

Mafia. Tis is business, not a game.

Tags: Mafia, Family, guns, knives, espionage

IrIshRover51 Public 86 2
gaia police center

for cops

the only lil wayne Public 8 3
Bang Bang

This is a secret club...

Tags: roleplaying, advanced literate, crime, guns, elite

the fabulist Private 67 5
Vongola Decimo Famiglia

Roleplay/fan guild

Tags: Vongola, Hitman, Reborn, Famiglia, Decimo

pooplatter Public 2 2
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