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Pokemon Wi-Fi league

Pokemon tournaments every week, Gen IV & V. Winners recieve exclusive pokemon like: Shinies, Events, etc.

Tags: Pokemon, Pikachu, Battle, WiFi, Nintendo

Fire Aspect Public 30 17
Free Talkers.

A guild where everyone is accepted for who they are and don't have to pretend to fit in. your not weird with us !

Tags: Social, Friendly, Random, Variety, Freedom

red moon writer Public 2 2
Katzaie Nebula Lady Ayanai Private 457 5
Cool People Here-Nope, just emptiness

A guild full of random people and a variety of forums.

Tags: Arts, Exchange, Discussion, Quest, Growing

Wordstreamer~Nifty Fairy~ Private 8,816 226

a guild all about helping others and your h0m13s

Tags: h0m13s, friend, help, south side creepers, sureno

TERRACE-XIII_SSC Private 568 73
Place for the RolePlaying

Welcome to and all out rp guild!

Tags: Slave X Master, Dark, Romance, 1x1 rps, RolePlaying

Taveria Public 788 29
Video Chat Guild

For the awesome people who want to talk, have fun, and be cool on video chat.

Tags: Webcam, chat, social, open, awesome

Xx-DCizMe-xX Public 4 12
The Kawaii Krew

A hangout thread for everyone

Tags: Hangout, Pistols, Parasols, Cool, Kawaii

Kawaii Krew Mule Public 39 19
Quentin Quire Fan Club

Join this if you like Quentin Quire

Tags: X-Men, Quentin Quire, #Magnetowasright, Kid Omega, Marvel

Click Here For Cool Memes Public 8 4
Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

In Guide We Trust

Tags: Nickelodeon, Ned's Declassified, #NedGangOrDie, NedXMoze4Ever, Coconut Head

Click Here For Cool Memes Public 4 3
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