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~Hopes And Dreams~

This guild is to make everyone happy! Hopes And Dreams will come true!

Tags: dream avi, quest item, contests, areanas, anime, manga, asian, vietnamese, korean, japanese, chinese, filipino, laos, taiwan, role playing, marketplace, zOMG, video games, booty grab, buy, sell

Mr Contagious Public 5,031 1,865
Shangri-La A Juggalo Paradise

a Juggalo Paradise that is what it sets out to be... A Juggalo Paradise is the only way to describe its entirety without insulting it....

Tags: Insane Clown Posse, Juggalo, Juggalette, Twiztid, Blaze

EgoSpirit Private 90 15
Humble Squad

Organized like a Guild, coming together like a Family.

Godfather Flowers Public 39 38
Pie's Guild Pie Public 130 33
Zombie Headquarters Jesse Inferno Public 215 17
we are FAIRY TAIL!!!!

ist baced on the anime fairy tail ist soo fun heres what you can be ice maker, dragon slayer, knight,key holder its soo fun just look at it

Tags: anime roleplay, fairy tail, magic, cool guilds, manga roleplay

Reporter Rachael Public 17 18
Quentin Quire Fan Club

Join this if you like Quentin Quire

Tags: X-Men, Quentin Quire, #Magnetowasright, Kid Omega, Marvel

Click Here For Cool Memes Public 10 4

Tags: Anti, hero, Antihero, friends, cool

FluffPaws Private 22 21

Silver Fox

Tags: Silver, Foxes, Cool, Guild, Awesome

Legendary Ren Private 9 9
Fabric Crafts! (Knitters, Quilters, Sewers, Oh HI!)

For new or for old, and for in between, a fun guild for crafters and those wanting to learn!

Tags: Knitting, Quilting, Sewing, Felting, Crocheting

volo morior Public 13 5
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