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u donate cash we giv wish list and dream avi stuff also random gift giving :3

Tags: FREE GIFT GIVING !!!, Wish list donations, dream avatar, hang out and talk, donations

kuromichick22 Public 5,843 4,085
Vanilla Bubbles

Here at Vanilla Bubbles, anyone and everyone is welcome. We rp and help one another with a plethora of things. We'd love for you to join us!

Tags: onexone, stories, pictures, advice, roleplaying

little red_xo Public 457 10

Welcome To Pink's Freebies. A Guild That Has Giveaways, Contests & More

Tags: Freebies, Contests, Giveaways

PinkShadowStarlight Private 17,539 237

Bringing Righteousness Into Darkness with God's Everlasting Salvation

Tags: Jesus Christ, The Father, Holy Spirit, Holy Trinity, Christian

MasutaKokoBot Private 36 16
Seraphic Gate

A guild for RPG lovers

Tags: Tri-Ace, Valkyrie Profile, Star Ocean, Final Fantasy, Square Enix

Meikahna Private 15,782 108
Isle De Asian [Asian Island] An Asian Gaian Community Guild

A community for Asians to come together and converse, socialize, and just chill

Tags: Asian

Kid Aloha Public 3,536 122
etrom toa's cafe

a place to rest

Tags: cafée, private, roleplay, resting, goth

etrom toa Private 3,718 12
~~Geek Haven~~

Roleplaying, conversations, a comic book and anime geek paradise!

Tags: Roleplay, Anime, Random, Comics, Geek

AiRozu-chan Public 2,219 36
Total Destruction Inc.

For all the things you love!

Tags: Naruto, HALO, Manga, Role Play, Rock

xLightningWarrior117x Private 81 6

Just a place to hang out and Roleplay

InsanityMaster Public 40 3
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