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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Gaians of Anime Central: An ACen Guild

ACen attendees of Gaia Online!

Tags: acen, anime, central, convention, cosplay

Ashli-chan Private 468 230
The Unofficial Ohayocon Guild-

Ohio's biggest anime con, in guild form!

Tags: Conventions, Ohio, Columbus, Anime, Ohayocon

Mishikotoko Public 1,982 192
League of Cosplay Lovers

Not just anime, but any type of cosplayers

Tags: cosplay, anime, costume, conventions, fantastic fun

Artiemisa Private 651 39
Anime Lovers of California Guild

A guild that brings together the otaku of California together. Not strictly for those in California; come cross the border.

Tags: anime, manga, japan, convention, cosplay

JesstheOtaku Public 688 29
100% Otaku

Read Teh Name Phuckahz!

Tags: anime, otaku, manga, pocky, roleplay

Ameko Fuyu Public 35 12
Side Creep Stalkers *ScS*

We Here Got Different Interests.

Tags: Enjoyable, Side creep stalkers, *ScS* Guild, General, Fun house

Nutila Private 246 56
Mobile Suit Gundam

D20 Post-Apocalyptic Survival

Tags: Gundam, Mobile suit, Anime, apocalypse, fall out

Draco Silverlight Public 168 11

The Sakura-con is a fun and exciting Anime convention located in the Pacific north West.

Tags: sakuracon, convention, cosplay, anime, manga

YummiiTea Public 39 11
~I~Anime Fantasy World~I~

This guild is for anime, video games, cosplay, anime conventions, and art.

Tags: Anime, Amber Winry, Cosplay, Conventions, Video Games

Hana Hisoka Private 19 9
Ani Artists

For Anime and Manga Artists!

Tags: Anime, Manga, Arts

ToxikCupcakez Private 3 4
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