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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Erie Anime Experience: Erie's Anime Convention! cassiel summers Public 14 8
Cosplay Corner Me-Chan916 Public 102 49
♥♥The Den: Fur Haven♥♥

A guild to help furs of any kind

Tags: Furry, Role Play, furs, animal, Spirit

Kitsugami Private 513 29
Anthroliciousally Awsome

A community of Furries, Plushies, animal lovers and fans of furdom. A.A is a place for Anthropomorphic characters to meet others like them.

Tags: furry, anthro, feathery, scaley, animal

Exchange_Ninja_James Public 3,109 78
Gaia Writers Monthly

Monthly e-zine that publishes stories by writers and gives them payment in the form of Gaia Gold.

Tags: writer, story, monthly, e-zine, writing

Jundt Public 46 54
o0 Not Another Dutch Convention?! 0o

cosplay anime manga convention animecon chibicon yaoicon tsunacon abunai

Tags: cosplay, anime, manga, dutch, convention

SsPie Public 272 20
Ruas Movement

Movement of Psychedelia Rebels understanding the depths of reality rebelling against society regularities.

Tags: Respect, Loyalty, Honesty, Peace, Love

Ejaculation Mule Account Public 29 7
Cosplay Adventures

For those who like to be someone else for a day...or everyday!

Tags: Cosplay, costume, anime, conventions, creation

Anasatcia Private 112 37
BA-Kon - The Geek Meat

An anime, sci-fi, and game convention coming to central Wisconsin!

Tags: anime, gaming, scifi, videogaming, bakon

BA-Kon The Geek Meat Public 8 22
~The Convent of Spain~

A action/adventure guild

Tags: Blood, Adventure, Drama, Suspense, Slight romance

Tenshi Hogosha Private 1,221 22
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