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End War

A war between planets rages on. This is an epic Role Playing experience.

Tags: alien, battle, space, planet, End War

astrenose Public 48 4
Anthroliciousally Awesome V2

An open ended community of Furries.

Tags: Anthropomorphic, Furry, Role Play, Discussion

Dusty Howitzer Private 123 8
Official Aki Con Guild of Gaia!

A new local North West Anime Convention!

Tags: Anime, Convention, aki-con, Manga, Ichidan

Neko Kyu Public 1,078 27
Paradise Beach

A jack-of-all-trades guild with games, prizes, role playing and much more all wraped up in a paradise theme.

Tags: Role Playing, Games, Prizes, Random, Super Special Awesome

The Raphael Public 11,718 8

An ANIME/MANGA/GAMING/ART convention online on GAIA!

Tags: Convention, Anime and Manga, OTAKU, Gaming

tsukiko69 Public 236 21

The name doesn't explain it?

Tags: Connecticut, ConnectiCon, Convention, active, friends

Little Miss Awkward Public 2,917 31
Fallout new vegas RPG

a post-apocalyptic retro-futuristic Las Vegas

Tags: Fallout new vegas, Role play guild

Skulblaka-Ebrithil Public 24 8
~The Convent of Spain~

A action/adventure guild

Tags: Blood, Adventure, Drama, Suspense, Slight romance

Tenshi Hogosha Private 1,221 22

Werewolf guild

Tags: Warwolves, Wolves, Werewolves, Werewolf, Roleplaying

Raika Fury Public 2,201 14
Anime Conventions!

About anime Conventions

Tags: Anime Conventions, Conventions, Anime, Cosplay, Fursuits

Diegosmells Public 7 7
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