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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Carolina Gaia - The Original guild for North and South Carol Mitsu Ayame Public 4,544 212
The Unofficial Ohayocon Guild-

Ohio's biggest anime con, in guild form!

Tags: Conventions, Ohio, Columbus, Anime, Ohayocon

Mishikotoko Public 1,982 192
Gaians Of Youmacon Quote Queen Public 70 29
Anime Galaxy (2.0)

PlayStation XBOX 360 Second Life IMVU Facebook Gaiaonline Deviantart

Tags: Networking, XBOX 360 PlayStation, facebook Myspace, Second Life IMVU, Art Music Entertainment

Scentrus Darmoset Public 1,597 18
.:Lynx:. Under Construction!

meet people, chat, discuss, roleplay, have fun, kill boredom

The Final Secret Public 543 200
Ohio Valley Gaians

There was a Gaia Meet-Up in the Cincinnati area! This guild is for those who were able to come, who wanted to come, or who are from the area

Tags: Cincinnati, Gaia Meet-Ups, Conventions, Friends, Newport

Biyanka Public 166 37
Gaia Fan Club @ Japan Expo Belgium

This is a guild about the upcoming Gaia Fan Club project at the Japan Expo Belgium Convention.

Tags: GaiaOnline, Fanclub, Expo, Convention, Belgium

Etoile Celeste Public 58 27
C.I.A - Cosplayers In Action

This guild is dedicated to cosplay. Everything from posting your cosplay pictures, submitting cosplay tutorials, discussing cosplay, etc...

Tags: Cosplay, Tutorials, Conventions, Anime, Video Games

Ithlia Public 112 30
Zexion Elites

The Ultimate Zexion Fanclub!

Tags: Zexion, Kingdom Hearts, Organization XIII, Number VI, The Cloaked Schemer

Memories of Zexion Private 4 5
/That Square

Gaming, Movies, Anime, Friends, More

Tags: Gaming, Movies, Talking, Anime, Friends

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