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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Carolina Gaia - The Original guild for North and South Carol Mitsu Ayame Public 4,544 212
Gaians Of Youmacon Quote Queen Public 70 29
Anime Galaxy (2.0)

PlayStation XBOX 360 Second Life IMVU Facebook Gaiaonline Deviantart

Tags: Networking, XBOX 360 PlayStation, facebook Myspace, Second Life IMVU, Art Music Entertainment

Scentrus Darmoset Public 1,597 18

Read Homepage. Please & Thank you.

Tags: Discussions, Cosplay, Anime, Sewing, roleplay

CellarDoll Public 52 14
.:Lynx:. Under Construction!

meet people, chat, discuss, roleplay, have fun, kill boredom

The Final Secret Public 543 200
GaGa for GaGa

Join if your GaGa for the lady whos named after it!

Tags: GaGa, Best, Music, Ever, Made

iLillyPie Public 328 39
Gaia Fan Club @ Japan Expo Belgium

This is a guild about the upcoming Gaia Fan Club project at the Japan Expo Belgium Convention.

Tags: GaiaOnline, Fanclub, Expo, Convention, Belgium

Etoile Celeste Public 58 27
C.I.A - Cosplayers In Action

This guild is dedicated to cosplay. Everything from posting your cosplay pictures, submitting cosplay tutorials, discussing cosplay, etc...

Tags: Cosplay, Tutorials, Conventions, Anime, Video Games

OLinaLin Public 112 29
Zexion Elites

The Ultimate Zexion Fanclub!

Tags: Zexion, Kingdom Hearts, Organization XIII, Number VI, The Cloaked Schemer

Memories of Zexion Private 4 5
/That Square

Gaming, Movies, Anime, Friends, More

Tags: Gaming, Movies, Talking, Anime, Friends

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