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Halo: Forgotten Constructs

Deeply Under Construction: Drop Orders Cancelled. All ODSTs Return to shipboard stations.

Tags: ODST, Halo, Army, Marines, Navy

_Manpish_ Private 1,830 16

For cosplayers to come and show off there stuff

Tags: Cosplay, Anime, Convention

Luna Von Techen Public 112 74
The Brony Guild: Bronies United

Bronies and Pegasisters Welcome!

kittycouru Private 156 1
M.E.W. Cosplay

The place for this especially awsome group to keep in touch.

Tags: group, cosplay, convention, games, manga

Wielder of Mighty Pencil! Private 991 6
Rainbow Madness xD

Friends, lovers, sexualities, interesting people to give n get support, chill, talk, roleplay, flirt, giveaways, anime, music, & tonz more!

Tags: Love, Roleplay, Anime, Sexy, Random

Mieukuu Private 462 26
~~~ LOVELESS: The Role Play Guild ~~~

Loveless rp.

Tags: roleplaying, loveless, neko, human

-laurel_the_faerie- Public 410 56
Tabletop RPG Guild

A guild for fans of traditional tabletop role-playing games

Tags: role-playing games, RPGs, dice, Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder

Esper Ranger Public 16 7
It's OK, I'm Wearing Really Big Knickers.

A guild specifically for girls, which embraces both the stereotypical and unconventional topics for girls to talk about.

Tags: girl guild, girls, unconventional, community, support

Empty Spiral Private 928 104
Multiverse Asheville

Multiverse Asheville is Western NC's premiere experience and organization for geek culture. Home of the Multigenre convention Geekout

Tags: Asheville, North Carolina, Comics, Video Games, Community

Feuw Makai Public 3 1

A rather random approach at getting people together for fun.

Tags: Anime, Random, Roleplay

Sky Vespa Public 5 1
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