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post apocalyptic role play

Tags: Fallout, Metro 2033, S.T.A.L.K.E.R, Mad Max, Book of Eli

JACK2033 Public 165 24
~~~ LOVELESS: The Role Play Guild ~~~

Loveless rp.

Tags: roleplaying, loveless, neko, human

-laurel_the_faerie- Public 410 56
It's OK, I'm Wearing Really Big Knickers.

A guild specifically for girls, which embraces both the stereotypical and unconventional topics for girls to talk about.

Tags: girl guild, girls, unconventional, community, support

Empty Spiral Private 928 104

For cosplayers to come and show off there stuff

Tags: Cosplay, Anime, Convention

Luna Von Techen Public 112 73
The Brony Guild: Bronies United

Bronies and Pegasisters Welcome!

kittycouru Private 156 1
Halo: Forgotten Constructs

Deeply Under Construction: Drop Orders Cancelled. All ODSTs Return to shipboard stations.

Tags: ODST, Halo, Army, Marines, Navy

_Manpish_ Private 1,830 16
M.E.W. Cosplay

The place for this especially awsome group to keep in touch.

Tags: group, cosplay, convention, games, manga

Wielder of Mighty Pencil! Private 991 6
Rainbow Madness xD

Friends, lovers, sexualities, interesting people to give n get support, chill, talk, roleplay, flirt, giveaways, anime, music, & tonz more!

Tags: Love, Roleplay, Anime, Sexy, Random

Mieukuu Private 462 26
Tabletop RPG Guild

A guild for fans of traditional tabletop role-playing games

Tags: role-playing games, RPGs, dice, Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder

Esper Ranger Public 16 7

A rather random approach at getting people together for fun.

Tags: Anime, Random, Roleplay

Sky Vespa Public 5 1
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