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Angel Eclipse

A unique role playing community!

Tags: Roleplaying, Fantasy, Adventure, Angel, Eclipse

fuzzybrick Private 265,258 776

Fantasy, T1 roleplay, ect.

Tags: Tier 1, Fantasy, Gods, Valynmr, Drakon

Laelun Drakyl Private 10 8
♥Ciel in Wonderland♥

RPing, community, family, wonderland

Tags: Wonderland, Ciel, Roleplaying, Community, Auditions

Ciel Phaggothive Public 49 26
Pollvolution: The Revolutionary Poll Guild

Tags: Poll, Community, Friends, Random, Contests

Cherry_slushy Private 79,285 265
I Dream of Fandom

A place for Fanfiction, fandoms, and art! Here you can discuss, write, or draw your favorite things!

Tags: Fanfiction, Fandoms, Artwork, Writing, Discussion

Night Kunoichi Private 1,009 33
Blue Unicorn Community

Come on into our warm community~

Tags: Free, Gifting, Charity, Discussion, Freebies

Bookkeeper Blue Public 16 12
A random forum for post formats


Tags: posty, formats, random

The Child of Silence Public 6 1
Crystal Visions

A Pagan/Polytheist guild open to Wiccans, Shamans, Heathens, and all Faiths.

Tags: pagan, witchcraft, polytheist, wicca, shamanism

DayhawK68 Public 15 7
The Lalune Faction

The misty fog covered mountains where winged, malificent beasts of royalty reside.

Tags: Lalune, Dragons, Wyverns, Roleplaying, Anime, RPGS, MMORPG

Duke of Lalune Public 2 1
Ranmas odd academy

This isaschool only for the ones that are described as odd if you join magic,classes,fight monsters,wear uniforms,romance,fun

Tags: school, Origina characters, magic, Ranma, Adventure

ll Ranma ll Public 9 6
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