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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
X-Statica Empire-X53 Audri Sciuto Public 186 2
Tales of the Raven: A Writer's Haven

Those active find themselves part of a close knit community who enjoy all kinds of fabulous roleplays.

Tags: Fantasy, Writing, Contests, Community, Literate

Adorkable Monster Public 28,325 45
Official Wix Profile Guild

A guild for all wix profile users.

Tags: profile, guide, gaia, wix flash, guild

Toxxn Private 1,778 1,301
My Gaia Magazine

It's Personal

Tags: Gaia, Online, Magazine, Prizes, gold

Arisa Takera Public 8,823 1,214
The 1x1 Role Playing Guild

A fun place where you can find someone to Role Play with one on one

Tags: One On One, Role play, anime, masquerade misery, - lolipop eyes

Kayla OOCly Public 17,354 250
Hakurei Shrine - The Touhou Towns RP Group

The Guild for the Town RP.

Tags: Touhou, Cosplay, Games, Roleplay

iReimu Hakurei Private 192 43
Ye Olde Roleplaying Guild

An active, literate, roleplaying environment for a variety of roleplaying genres.

Tags: roleplaying, literate, active

StoicNinja Private 1,194 40
Chub and Pudge!

A guild formed in order to appreciate, encourage, admire, and chat about all things fat/weight gain related!

Tags: fatten, fatter, weight gain, chubby, fat acceptance

Midori-Muffin Private 965 68

Tags: Horror, City, Roleplay, Silent Hill, Prison

Convel Nasu Private 15 3

Silver Fox

Tags: Silver, Foxes, Cool, Guild, Awesome

Ren Noctis Private 9 8
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