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The Idiots In Black

Anything, everything, something that just don't make sense. Btw: We're pirates?

Tags: pirate, anything, ninjas, comedy, roleplaying

x sam i am x Private 41,924 101
Kingdom Hearts: Waking Rebirth

A literate Role Playing Guild based off of Kigndom Hearts:

Tags: Kingdom Hearts, Role Play, Keyblades, Heartless, Square Enix

Tsumuro Private 19,835 100
Where is the Humanity? An Attack on Titan/SNK AU

An Attack on Titan AU in which the Scouting Legion, the Garrison, and the Military Brigade are all at war.

Tags: Attack on Titan, Roleplay

Princess_Akai_Neko Public 192 4
Gift Syndicate

Join this union of gifters, everyone gives and everyone receives.

Tags: Gifting, Arts, Charity, Giving, Community

improvised reality Private 691 179
☾ Pнαитσмѕ Of Tнє Nιgнт ☽ [O//A]

This is a simple rp guild about wolves and other creatures. It's semi literature as well.

Tags: Wolves, role play, Animals, Moon, Packs

Okami_Lone_Wolf Public 5,861 8
Undecided Name for family

Private Use.

Angelle Liore Hellbond Private 127 27
K-pop Stans

Everything K-pop.

Tags: k-pop, international, Asia, Korea

ChemicalxRomance Public 248 83
Gamer Girl's HQ

Calling all girl gamers! This guild is where you can chat about all your favorite games!

Tags: Girl, Gaming, Talk, Game, Girl's Only

GlaceFang Private 4 6
Gaia Community Sniper Game! - Archive Mode Activate!

After a while of dust setting in, the Guild has gone into Archive Mode.

Tags: strategy, game, sniper, social, deceit

Insomnesiac Public 137,186 537
The Gaian Select

Welcome to the Gaian Select, where the Select are...well say...selected

Tags: Roleplay, stories, contests, discussion, selective

river rocker Private 8 3
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