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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Clan Garras Rojas Guild kaworu Nagisa Private 1,903 12
Warriors: The Next Chapter

This is our chapter in the Warriors series. Join us!

Tags: Warriors, Cats, Next Chapter, Erin Hunter, Role Play

Winged Timberwolf Public 45,110 50
Cardfight Vanguard, Raise of the Numbers

This is a Cardfight Vanguard guild I created

Tags: Cardfight Vanguard, Misaki, Anime, Roleplay, Bahamut

Zoe4111 Public 1,190 11

Thousands years have past, and the world is in ruins and shrouded with darkness under a single ruler, a dictator.

Tags: Dictator, Fantasy, Action, Dark, Supernatural

a n i m a_n i m a Private 135 4
Forever Valtier

A hierarchy of the world's most powerful race. Where shall you fall in the Valtier?

Tags: Vampires, Hierarchy, Forever, Brotherhood, Humans

-Katie-Loo-Hoo- Private 703 9
Warrior Cats: Battle Brewing

The Clans have split, and each warrior senses the tension in the air. How long will it be before each Clan launches into war?

Tags: Warriors, Cats, Fighting

delightfulweirdo223 Public 2 2
Warrior Cats - Turn of the New Leaf

Roleplay guild based off of the book series by Erin Hunter; Warrior Cats.

Tags: warrior cats, warriors, roleplay, warrior cat, erin hunter

s0metimes Public 29 1
Deer Clan Reborn!

Clan of the Deer people ^^

Tags: Sometimes Role play, Clan meetings, Monthly events (some time weekly)

Shoot Tha Fucc Up Public 2 10
The Demonic Ninja Clan

Just here to have fun and make new friends.

Tags: Roleplaying, Contest, Ninja, Clan, Tournaments

Thy Smoke Private 88,135 51
The Izoova Tribe

A peaceful Clan.

Tags: Elven, Elements, Forest

Reinhard De Cruor Public 69 26
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