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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Thrones Of Gaia

Tags: Fantasy, RolePlaying, Medieval, Ninja Clan, Kingdoms

Prince Unrama Public 4,130 717
Black Blood Empire

The darkness has awoken, soon all will belong to it

Tags: Kitsunes, Vampires, Lycans, Elves, Empire

ssTidus Private 296 19
♥The Uzakey Clan♥

~♥Our Uzakey Clan ♥~

Tags: Uzakey, Clan/ family, Role Playing, Wolf Tribe, Serenity Uzakey

Serenity Uzakey Public 232 31
Naruto: The Shinobi's Shroud [Open]

A little more than your average Naruto guild

Tags: Naruto, Ninjas, Role Playing, Fighting, Action

iSage-Naruto497 Private 2,452 50
The Great Gaiamon War The_Elite_King Private 8,191 49
Famiri-ken Koi Buzoku

A guild to our group

Tags: Friends, Faimly, Rping, fantasy

zeina1 Private 14,561 35
The Grimn Reaper Clan

We are the best of the best.

Tags: Roleplay, Auctions, Battle, Events, Crazy

-Oculus- Pariah Public 76 1
Underground Market Gold Rush

Only a selected few is allowed

Tags: Underground, Market, Gold, Rush

richest_player Private 8 3
Super Serious Classic Swag Clan (SSCSC)

we are a group of swaggy people, who dress in black and wear Classic Aviators swag glasses, and we the bomb

Tags: swag, Classic Aviators, black, random

twinklebun Public 4 7
Alpha ZeLux

Clan group ready for cupcake wars Bl

Tags: azxclan, alpha, zelux, rebellion

Poppy Longtart Private 11 5
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