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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Invictus City

An Unconquerable City That Needs To Be Conquered.

Tags: Roleplay, Vampires, Thieves, Wolves, Demons

MichiokoXIII Public 43,278 176

A Supernatural Mafia Role Play

SiLLEH - - KiTTEH Private 575 2
Unmei no hoshi kitsune-Ichizoku

Fox Clan

Tags: Kitsune, Clan

Heart 0f Gold Public 3 5

Exclusive hangout for friends of the founder members of The Silver Horde Clan.

Tags: insanity, vortex, exclusive, friends, party

Fairy~Nuff Private 7,444 58
The Ikari Clan

A great evil has resurfaced, looking to destroy this world. The Ikari's will not let him succeed...

Tags: Ikari, Clan, Literate, Fighting, Evil

Blaze Ikari Public 1,083 13
サムライ伝説:Samurai Legends

A Samurai Role-play filled with action, drama, comedy and romance; for semi-lit to lit committed role-players.

Tags: Samurai, 15th Century, Action, Legends, Rated M

killer-wolf-kun Private 558 10

Ninja Clan

Tags: Naruto, Hokage, Believeit, Ninjaclan, Sasuke

Agony Manifest Private 20 11
takyaka clan

a league of fighters. we can trian u in old and new ways. in this guild we r family. we protect and respect.

Tags: fighter, clan, gang, peace, unbeatable

metakyo Public 11 10
|★☆| QC - Quality Control |☆★|

Quality Control - Let's takeoff

Tags: Money, Power, Respect, Girls

410 Takeoff QC Public 1 6
The Kirins

A guild of roleplaying

Tags: Roleplay, Clans, Furries, Races, Romance

Erin Ishimura Public 3 4
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