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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Savior of the Lost Ones RP [O/A]

Espionage/Murder Myster Semi-Lit/Lit Guild

Tags: Espionage, Murder, Role play, Adventure, Action

The Lady Hara Public 1,057 21
No Man's Land [ A DC Comics RP Guild ]

No Heroes. No Villains. No Rules. Just the Fight for Survival.

Tags: Arrow, Superheroes, Batman, Gotham, The Flash

Klayko Private 3,288 75
Digimon: A New Game

A literate Digimon roleplay guild. NOW OPEN!

Tags: Digimon, Literate, Roleplay, Digital, World

fussy fingers Public 423 11
New York City

Where the People Never Sleep

Tags: People, City, New York, Roleplay

n o b x d y Public 308 23
META Academy(u/c)

A school for those gifted with rare talents

Tags: School, Heroes, Villains, Powers

GracefulRose_Knight Public 496 1
Another Earth

A custom DC story.

Tags: Batman, Superman, Metrpolis, Gotham, DC comics

JetXmOnkey Public 188 6
Five Nights at Freddy's: The Nightmare Returns

FNAF role play that takes place in a city. Choose your role: Vengeful spirit, living , spirit that wants to protect people, etc.

Tags: FNAF, Roleplaying, anomatronic, alternate

Viktor Richtofen Private 5 8
Silver City (RP)

A city crawling with girl gangs..

Tags: girl gang, city, casual

bonezsz Private 10 6
Sanctuary of the Primordials

Welcome to the world known as Cryoteria. A realm for those with the good imagination.

Tags: Fantasy, Medieval, Humanoid, Realm, Multiverse

Snow Inuki Public 9 1
⦕ Dead Not Sleeping ⦖

RP guild - PM Captain or Mods with questions/for info.

Tags: Vampire, Werewolf, Fantasy, Modern

SharkieBait Public 28 1
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