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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
A Guild for God

A Christian guild.

Tags: Jesus, Christian, Catholic, Christianity

December Leaf Public 636 262
The Witchcraft Guild - The First Pagan Gaia Guild Yue Halliwell Private 11,796 230
Celtic Coven: A Pagan's Home

Paganism and Witchcraft

Tags: Pagan, Witchcraft, Celtic, Coven

Marii McKane Private 6,862 14
The Official Gaia Roleplaying Guild

A place for the literate RPers of Gaia to enoy their favourite hobby.

Tags: Role Playing, Final Fantasy, Literate RP, Interesting RP, Intelligent RP

Pilotslover Private 4,639 101
♫♪~Memento Mori~♪♫ ♥The Official Flyleaf Guild♥

The Ultimate Flyleaf Fan Guild

Tags: Flyleaf, Memento Mori, Christian, Metal, Octane

Steel _R a i n d r o p s Private 946 64
Blue Sky, pure Breath...

Do you need some Advise on your Christian life? Or do you love to help others as a strong Christian yourself?

Tags: jesus, Help, Believers, Save, jesusfreak

Enya Of the Green Public 233 28
Unified Diversity [On Hold Until Further Notice]

All who have citizenship in Heaven, unite!

Tags: Christianity, Theology, Religion, Jesus, Love

Krayzie Se7en Private 86 9
Franck Gone Wild!

Je suis crazzzzy! Wanna know whats going on, come here!

OswaldTheLuckyRabbit1927 Public 45 1
East and Now

An Orthodox Christian Guild

Tags: Christianity, Orthodoxy, religion, Faith, Church

Captain Lasercat Public 6 1
Blessings to good causes

This guild is dedicated to blessing causes for good means and no self gain.

Tags: Good, Helping, Makes a difference, Pure and holy

holyfire47 Private 2 1
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