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Naruto: Path of the Shinobi

A Literate Naruto Roleplaying guild. Each character has a chance to bring direct change into the story as it revolves around each one.

Tags: Naruto,, Roleplay,, Literacy,, Path of the Shinobi,, POTS,

Tsumuro Private 13,164 65
The Pixel Princess!~

This is the guild for the pixel princess, I'll be having contests and all my newest items added here.

Tags: Pixel, Princess, Drawing, Chibi, Adorable

Princess Kuchiki Public 449 38
Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender females Fiiona Private 11,733 562
Mighty Gamer Girls

For girls with an interest in gaming.

Tags: Gamers, Girls, Video Games, Steam, Xbox

Farzine Public 25 3
The Chibi Warehouse Guild

Guild for the shop.

Tags: chibi, mythology, role play

Tonberry Shortcake Public 138 19
Anime Academy (AA)

The perfect guild/academy for those otakus, anime lovers, yaoi/yuri fans, kpop,jpop,vkei music genre, everything you need thats kawaii!

Tags: Otaku, Kpop, Jpop, Vkei, Manga (fanart), Dramas, roleplaying

Mikataru Public 22 21
Cute Quest

A guild for cute people to come and reach their dream

Tags: Kawaii, Arts, Anime, Chibi, Charity

nekoneko lilly Private 6 3
☽Ⓦicked Ⓝuggets☾

Pets! Breedables! Love and Roleplay!!

Tags: roleplay, shop, breedables, chibi, cute

forgotten-pop Public 15 2
chibi island

this guild is about anime and role playing

They.Will.Promote.Artists {{TWPA}}

Want good, scam free art? We know where to get it!

Tags: Commissions, Cosplay, Free, Artwork, Promote

Angel Dominion Public 16 4
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