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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
♥ The Valentines ♫

A guild where all role players are welcome ♥

Tags: military, flowers, gold, game, fantasty

Alchemist Vox Von Lupine Public 71 47
A.R.T Diyalys Public 2,220 13
Marble Guardians

Tags: Chibi

Keliptis Public 344 13
Rising Azure sakuravampire_aqua Public 15,158 4,294,967,288
The Hollow Prince(ss) of Freaks

A nice little place to hang out and RP, join us for randomness and fun!

Tags: freak, music, random, role playing, friends

Sylent-Prince Chibi Public 907 24
{The Hellsing Organization of Roleplayers}

~A roleplaying guild for everytype of roleplay~

Tags: Hellsing, fantasy, slave, fan fick, Anime

Alucard the dark one Public 2,773 32
Lady Yuna's roleplaying guild

guild for friends and rp of any kind

Tags: kingdom hearts, final fantasy, roleplaying, vampires, shojo manga

vampire_gunner_yuna2492 Public 448 6
A.W.E.S.O.M.E Art Guild

An ART Guild that helps Artist find drawing jobs here on Gaia.

Tags: artist, shop, gold, chibi, avi art

Fun Sized Toy Public 560 127
Sailor Moon Lovers!!!

This is manly a guild for all people that love sailor moon ( no haters)

Tags: Sailor, Moon, Sailor Moon, Love, Gaia

Xx---Lady--Of--Light---Xx Public 38 29
(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ Chibi~Factory

This amazing guild was created to unite all the chibi loving gaians. art, avatar chibis and many creative and fun things to do in the gui

Tags: chibi, artshops, Partys, kawaii

Nyan Bunny Private 297 167
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