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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Children of Nezumi

A Rat Breedables RP Shop

Tags: Roleplay, Rats, Breedables, Pet shop

Nezumi the Prophet Public 1,095 45
Petstuck RP

A guild for those of us who fell in love with petstuck.

Tags: Petstuck, Slavery-ish, Homestuck, Roleplay

Saronda Public 24 5
World of Vanora

A guild for the b/c shop, Vanora.

Tags: Helix, Roch, Vanora, Wolves, Horses

Goddess Vanora Public 407 35
Drinkers With A Writing Problem

DWAWP is a relaxed guild where writers of all kinds and genres can show off their work, receive advice, get inspired, and just hang out.

Tags: writing, poetry, stories, lyrics, hang out

-l- Psychotic Saint -l- Public 1,674 100
Scetra University

Scetra High School is back with some new faces, old faces, and just plain old weird faces!

Tags: Scetra, School, vampires, werewolves, wizards

Vampire Hunter Mari Public 811 23
Vampire Knights: Next Generaton

The Main Characters have all graduated and are gone now, only there offspring remain, along with new recruits

Tags: Vampire Knights, Day/Night Class, Vampires/Humans, Next Generation, Roleplay

Shoku Ginga Private 283 10
Supernatural Doomsday

role play about angels demons and other supernaturals on earth

Tags: demon, angel, vampire, werewolf, supernatural

wits_shall_conquer Private 793 4
☪ Limonium

Limonium is a ferret breedable pet shop, and this is its guild.

Tags: ferret, growing, collectable, magic, fantasy

Limonium Public 705 20
~ºHuman's Resistanceº~ (OPEN & ACCEPTING)

~ºAs the Undead Rise, Humanity Shall Fallº~

Tags: Survival RP, evolving, creative, Contests, voting

Reu Wynter Private 219 12
Zodiac: Astrological Creatures Run Wild

Zodiacs Guild, Role Play, and more.

Tags: zodiac, horoscopes, breeding, astrology, elements

Konoei Public 29 3
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