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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Unwanted Rejects

Tags: Rats, Cats, Tanuki, Breedable

Unwanted Rejects Public 4,543 121
Frolicsome Firelizards

The home base of the Frolicsome Firelizard BC store

Tags: Firelizards, Dragons, Eggs, Roleplay, Breedable

Dizzy_Kat Public 1,530 31
Hoshi's Storage Guild

For all my shit

Hoshi Lockhart Public 719 5

A guild for the Stymphalian breedables / changing pet shop!

Tags: Stymphalian, Breedables, Pets, Wing, Cats

Stymphalian Queen Public 16,160 83
Lolli's and Bulls special hideout

Uhm...Pretty self explanatory?

Tags: Breedables, Writings, Lolli, Bull, Roleplay

bullterrierlove Private 464 5
Questline Charity

A charity for the breedable society.

Tags: Charity, Breedable/Changing

Questline Private 2,059 249
Leaflet Oasis

Guild for the B/C thread Leaflet Oasis

Leaflet Oasis Public 311 28
Chs Hymmnos Mea

The guild for the Ar Tonelico B/C shop, Chs Hymmnos Mea!

Tags: Ar Tonelico, Breedables, Reyvateils

Chs Hymmnos Mea Public 25 2
Hatea Meadows

Guild for the Hatea Meadows B/C shop!

Tags: foxes, hatea, meadows, music, breedables

Hatee-Hatee-Ho Public 23 20
Leth's Breedables Directory

All of the pet stuff ever.

Lethrossen Public 21 1
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