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Home of the Ikal'daka.

Tags: Breedable/Changeable, Wolves, Roleplay, Nightmare

Sabiir Public 4,001 76
Cedar Lane

The official guild of Cedar Lane, a Gaian b/c shop.

Tags: Breedable, Changable, Pets, Cats, Felines

Old Lady Cooper Public 1,295 32
Dragons of Icarus

A Dragon BC Shop

Tags: Dragon, breedable, pets, BC Shop

Robotic RedCape Public 1,296 61
De Civitate Nocte

Guild for the B/C Shop De Civitate Nocte (Under Construction...)

Tags: Breedables and Changing Pets, Roleplay, De Civitate Nocte, Supernatural, Fantasy

Yorugami Private 790 14

The guild for the meerkat B/C pet, MOB!

Tags: meerkat, suricate, kalahari, breedable, mongoose

Meerkat Mob Public 539 26

Guild for the Hearthside B/C.

Tags: hearthside, apocalypse, breedable, lizards

Hearthside Public 472 29
Charpia RPing Guild~ Befushi Land Public 500 28
Tales of Cantara

A guild for the Cantara shop in the B/C forum

Tags: Characters, Fantasy, Literate, Roleplaying, Breedables

The Cantara Storyteller Public 52 5
☽Ⓦicked Ⓝuggets☾

Pets! Breedables! Love and Roleplay!!

Tags: roleplay, shop, breedables, chibi, cute

forgotten-pop Public 15 2
dawns den

the home of dawns various breedables, rps and randomness

Tags: breedables, roleplays

dawns_aura Private 18 1
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