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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
+ My Little Pony + // The Old Guild~

Tags: My Little Pony, ponies, pets, coloring, artwork

Celeste Aragorne Public 85,130 168
Spirits of Isira: The Resurrection

A spirit B/C shop!

Tags: spirits, isira, breedables

F a l l a c y Public 206 13

A private place for -Diamond-Elephants- thoughts, musings and other such things.

Tags: Breedables, roleplay, writing

-Diamond-Elephant- Private 35 1
The Breedable Broadcast jessieomer Private 2,172 5
Hearts of Black Lace LizzyMoo Private 227 1

Breedables Pet Shop Guild

Tags: Pride, Lands, Breedables, Mi'Ayana, Lions

Miayana Private 1,886 50

The guild for the B/C Shop Namiah.

Tags: Namir, Breedable, Role Play, Shop, Cats

Naja Namir Public 616 23
:: Warrior Cats

Tags: warriors, breedables, changeables, cats

Blessing of Starclan Public 716 39
A Sudden Whim Guild

Guild for the B/C shop A Sudden Whim

Tags: breedable, pets, whim

Jynk Public 804 35

The Guild homefront for the Mushby Petshop

Tags: roleplaying, original species, breedable pets, mushby, mushpets

cindyjeans Private 20 2
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