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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Lands of Terra

Official Guild of Subterranean

Tags: subterranean, trast, terra, breedable, roleplay

Miss Skelly Public 1,104 31
Lights of Selene

a sailor moon b/c

Tags: sailor moon, role play, breedables

Mademoiselle Selene Public 2,604 29

The guild for the shop "Qarumali" in the B/C Forum.

Tags: breedable, roleplay, pets, experience, currency

Qarumali Public 973 15
Lolli's and Bulls special hideout

Uhm...Pretty self explanatory?

Tags: Breedables, Writings, Lolli, Bull, Roleplay

bullterrierlove Private 474 5
Roserain's Space

A place for all of my info and rp

Tags: Roserain, Roleplay, Breedables, Boris, Plots

Roserain Public 79 3
[Hell Bound] Hell Bound Mule Public 4,581 124
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Aftermath

This is an B/C guild for BTVS

Tags: Buffy, Slayer, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Breedables, Sunnydale

The First Slayer Public 59 11
Leth's Breedables Directory

All of the pet stuff ever.

Lethrossen Public 27 1
Maplewood Downs B/C

A Watership Down B/C Guild

Tags: Watership, Rabbit, Breedables, Battle, Roleplay

Hrair Rabbit Public 75 4
Enigma: Rise of the Unknown

It's a mystery~ OooOooo

Tags: Breedables, Adoptables, Role Play

Ghost of a Hope Public 19 1
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