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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
B'alam Jungle Yaxun Balam Public 3,997 173
Island of Nikku Guild Island of Nikku Public 5,446 105
Pure Essence

Tags: Pure, Essence, Breedables, Dogs, Puppies

Essence Mistress Public 2,917 75
Cattitude Problem the Guild

Serving up Cats for over three years

Tags: Breedable, Custom, Cosplay, Cats

elven_princess001 Public 398 11
Soul Resonance - B/C Shop Guild

Guild for the B/C Shop Soul Resonance

Tags: Dragons, breedables

the_scowling_cat Public 164 20
Nightmare Campus

RP Guild for the B/C shop Nightmare Campus

Tags: Changeables, Breedables, Roleplay, Highschool, Demon

Yashok Public 42 3
Sexy's Petcase

Here's where I'll keep track of all my Fae's info.

Tags: iSexy, breedables, faekats, pets, pretties

iSexy_Goddess Public 93 1
Zodiac: Astrological Creatures Run Wild

Zodiacs Guild, Role Play, and more.

Tags: zodiac, horoscopes, breeding, astrology, elements

Konoei Public 29 3
Endless Mist

A breedable deer shop

Tags: deer, breedables, magic, fantasy

illogoi Public 6 15
Attack On Breedables

Something is comeing

Parue Private 4 2
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