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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
My Little Pixel Pony

Created for use with the My Little Pixel Pony thread in Breedables~!

Tags: my little pony, breedables, growables, pixels

Princess Halyna Public 4,999 57
Sands of Pern: Closed

Tags: Pern, Breedables, Dragons, Dragonriders, Weyr

Deadglow Public 35,710 201
:: The Otter Oasis Guild :: ParkRanger Public 4,357 86
E s q u e :: Hopes and Dreams

This is a private guild for my OCs, B/C pets, and Quests!

Tags: private, Esque, breedable pets, quests, original characters

Priill Private 143 6
Draelor Services

Tags: Big Cat, Fantasy, Breedables

Dr Nysbell Public 2,575 59
Creepies Grave Yard 2.0

A place where Gravelins and Gravelings roam

Tags: Breedable and Changeable Pets, Creepies, Gravelins and Gravelings, Experiments

icy serenade Public 242 12
Kazu's Furry Hotel

This hotel the furies are the staff.

Tags: Breedable, Gaming, Anime

Shorty Hitsugaya Public 119 2
| Shark Dogs |

A guild for the B/C (Breedable and Changing) shop

Tags: Dogs, Sharks, Breedable, Roleplay, Shops

Yin-Bug Private 36 4
PokeVenture RP B/C

Your Very Own Pokemon Journey Awaits! (Free RP B/C)

Tags: Pokemon, Breedables, Role Play, Adventure

Professor Daniel Alder Public 12 23
Bone Stories

//A B/C of Unusual Nature//

Tags: Necrosis Drakes, Terra Marrow, Breedable, Changeable, Symbiosis

Bone Stories Public 14 2
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