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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Wayward Children Pound WaywardChildrenPound Public 23,903 205
Finders, Keepers

Tags: Finders, Keepers, Foundlings, Card Dueling, Breedable

Azael_Rose Public 1,916 39
The Unofficial Soquili Quester & Newbie Headquarters

A great place designed to connect Soquili newbies with helpful oldies.

Tags: horses, Soquili, breedables, newbies

Kamiki Public 76 41
We Live On

A place for my characters and writing as well as interaction with friends.

Tags: Roleplay, Plots, Breedables, Characters, Friends

Baby Pandah Private 131 13
Private Roleplay Guild Mia Lovasz Private 389 6
The Butterfly Farm

Tags: Butterfly, Genetics, Butterflies, breedable, pets

KaylieeJay Private 457 14

A Guild for the Pixel Pet Shop, Naokala

Tags: Pixels, Pixel Pet, Breedables, Pets, Animal

Guardian of the Naokala Private 233 12
Dude, Where's My Wand?

Magical girl B/C guild.

Tags: magical girl, breedables, mahou shoujo, Dude where's my wand

Thief Aphrodite Public 4,031 68
Pokemon Neo Delta Evolution

A Pokemon Breedable RPG for all.

Tags: Pokemon, Hybrid, Delta, Events, Shop

Kaysin_Enorai Private 125 26
Faust Tenebrae

The Faust Family, and their friends.

Tags: Faust, Roleplay, Family, Artwork, Breedables

Kyoki Faust Private 5 1
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