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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
B'alam Jungle Yaxun Balam Public 3,997 173
Island of Nikku Guild Island of Nikku Public 5,446 105
Sexy's Petcase

Here's where I'll keep track of all my Fae's info.

Tags: iSexy, breedables, faekats, pets, pretties

iSexy_Goddess Public 93 1
Pure Essence

Tags: Pure, Essence, Breedables, Dogs, Puppies

Essence Mistress Public 2,917 75
Cattitude Problem the Guild

Serving up Cats for over three years

Tags: Breedable, Custom, Cosplay, Cats

elven_princess001 Public 398 11
Dude, Where's My Wand?

Magical girl B/C guild.

Tags: magical girl, breedables, mahou shoujo, Dude where's my wand

Thief Aphrodite Public 4,031 68
A Harper's Tale B/C Weyr and Hold Roleplay

A complex yet relaxed roleplay adventure.

Tags: Pern, Dragon, A Harper's Tale, Roleplay, Anne McCaffrey

Dark_Aoekae Public 100 7
Soul Resonance - B/C Shop Guild

Guild for the B/C Shop Soul Resonance

Tags: Dragons, breedables

the_scowling_cat Public 164 20
Endless Mist

A breedable deer shop

Tags: deer, breedables, magic, fantasy

illogoi Public 6 15
Attack On Breedables

Something is comeing

Parue Private 4 2
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