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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Wayward Children Pound WaywardChildrenPound Public 23,906 205
:: The Otter Oasis Guild :: ParkRanger Public 4,357 86

Guild for the B/C shop Pingui

Tags: Pingui, Penguins, Breedables

Pingui Keeper Public 921 39
PokeVenture RP B/C

Your Very Own Pokemon Journey Awaits! (Free RP B/C)

Tags: Pokemon, Breedables, Role Play, Adventure

Professor Daniel Alder Public 12 23
Tales of Cantara

A guild for the Cantara shop in the B/C forum

Tags: Characters, Fantasy, Literate, Roleplaying, Breedables

The Cantara Storyteller Public 52 5
Tapirus! Guild

Guild for the B/C shop Tapirus!

Tags: tapir, breedable

Jynk Private 212 24

Guild for the Hearthside B/C.

Tags: hearthside, apocalypse, breedable, lizards

Hearthside Public 472 29
Bone Stories

//A B/C of Unusual Nature//

Tags: Necrosis Drakes, Terra Marrow, Breedable, Changeable, Symbiosis

Bone Stories Public 14 2
Canines vs Felines : A Campaign : Official Guild

The Official Guild For The B/C Shop

Tags: Canines vs Felines : A Campaign :, Breedable Changeable Shop, Feline B/C, Canine B/C, Pet Role Playing

Doc Goth Public 29 3
Taste of Happiness || B/C Guild

A Breedable/Changeable Roleplaying Guild

Tags: breedable, changeable, roleplay, magic, shop

Panreign Public 15 3
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