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~~Towards the Sky~~

It seems like there's no hope. That the world is going to destroy itself. But even then, look towards the sky. The Guardians are coming.

Tags: Sins, Virtues, Council, Magic, Realms

Silver Lace Winged Angel Private 399 8
Into the Shadows Guild

A roleplaying guild where you can be a king/queen, assassin, etc. Join~!

Tags: Night Angel, Medieval, roleplay, middle ages

I Deutschland I Public 214 12
Swift Elite Ronin

We are Deadliest Samurai in All of Japan

Tags: Obey the rules, Contest, Respect other members, Post, Be active on Gaia

SK HiToKiRi Private 220 27
The Chains That Hold You Back

Come see the mixture of yaoi, drama, death, faith and betrail! It will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Tags: yaoi, funny, chains, roleplay, love

DnG_Productions Public 53 3
"Expelliarmus" A Harry Potter Guild

Create your own Wizard and join Hogwartz! Make friends, crushes and enemies!

Tags: Harry Potter, Magic, School, RPing

Fantasizing Dreams Public 1,288 27
Vaktovian Empire (army)

The gaian version of the helghast.

Tags: vaktus, emperor, strength, superioty, bravery

demonicwolf58 Public 3 6
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Learn Magic at Hogwarts!

Tags: Harry Potter, Hogwarts, Magic

CloudCorgi Private 3 3
P.P.C: Proud Pokemon Cosplayers

A place to cosplay pokemon, chat, hang out with friends and much more!

Tags: Bad Ass, Pokemon, Cosplayers, Friend Code, PokeNerds

-Spark Hurricane- Public 16 11
Fox Fighters

Foxes that help new visitors to zOMG

Tags: Foxes, zOMG

Coldflare Public 12 9
The Gaian Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I)

The Gaian F.B.I is an agency dedicated to justice and the preservation of peace on Gaia. Join today!

Tags: FBI F.B.I, Military, Role Play, Police, Army

Candidat Private 13 2
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