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Results for "Bravery"

Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Mountains and Monsters Mountains and Monsters Private 7,226 12
Blades Of Fate

Tags: Roleplaying, Peaceful, Blades of Fate

Kruzi Silverwind Private 3,348 15
~~Towards the Sky~~

It seems like there's no hope. That the world is going to destroy itself. But even then, look towards the sky. The Guardians are coming.

Tags: Sins, Virtues, Council, Magic, Realms

Silver Lace Winged Angel Private 399 8
Into the Shadows Guild

A roleplaying guild where you can be a king/queen, assassin, etc. Join~!

Tags: Night Angel, Medieval, roleplay, middle ages

I Deutschland I Public 214 11
Hogwarts School of Magic

A Hogwarts role-play guild set in our current time. The golden-trio have long since graduated and their children aren't yet old enough.

Tags: Hogwarts, Harrypotter

Darkend Shadow Angel Public 243 25
"Expelliarmus" A Harry Potter Guild

Create your own Wizard and join Hogwartz! Make friends, crushes and enemies!

Tags: Harry Potter, Magic, School, RPing

Fantasizing Dreams Public 1,288 27
Vaktovian Empire (army)

The gaian version of the helghast.

Tags: vaktus, emperor, strength, superioty, bravery

demonicwolf58 Public 3 6
Warriors: Paths to the Shadows

The Clans, roleplay, ect...

Tags: Warriors, cats, roleplaying, animals, clans

ii_Toph Public 3,654 33
Fox Fighters

Foxes that help new visitors to zOMG

Tags: Foxes, zOMG

Coldflare Public 12 9
The Gaian Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I)

The Gaian F.B.I is an agency dedicated to justice and the preservation of peace on Gaia. Join today!

Tags: FBI F.B.I, Military, Role Play, Police, Army

Candidat Private 13 2
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