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Bleach RP: Dawn of a New Era (Under Construction)

Join us for a fun roleplaying time, we offer Arrancar and Vizards, Shinigami and Bounts. Join today to play as one.

Tags: Bleach, Shinigami, Hollow, Anime, Role Playing

Lloyd The Loyal Private 114,523 10
Bleach: Forgotten Prophecies [ Under Construction ]

1,500 years after the Quincy Blood War...have we really forgotten about the Prophecy?

Tags: Bleach, Zanpakuto, Central 46, Manga, Anime

KogaP Private 65,248 16

This is my very first guild, but I'll do my best at it! and it is modeled after the Sereitei-Bleach Fan Guild (RPG)

Tags: Bleach, Zanpakuto, Fantasy, Roleplay

Axel_fire1 Public 565 1
arashi's guild


Tags: stuff, talk, ninja, naruto, bleach

arashimoto Public 12,665 18
Bleach Role-playing Guild ~Accepting~

Tags: alphabet games, role-playing, chat rooms

Queen Ashinara Kimishi Public 3,157 25
Epic Roleplay Time!

Join up! We have a variety of roleplays for everyone! All different all unique, for everyone, and anyone :)

Tags: Naruto, Rosario+Vampire, Inuyasha, neko, mythical

DarkWitch5505 Public 15,522 188
Seireitei United

Our Weekly plot is up and running!

Tags: Role playing, Bleach, Soul Reapers of the Seireitei, Vizards, Arranacar

Youroka Kage Private 3,487 58
~BLEACH: Ungiest Zauberer Rebellion

A Bleach Role-play Guild.

Tags: Bleach, Roleplay, Ichigo, Bleach rp

HopeRazgriz Public 52 20
When Worlds Collide {O/A}

Soul Eater World meets Bleach World

Tags: Bleach, Soul Eater, Anime, Kishin, Hollow

Cannibal Creepshow Public 724 5
Bleach: Dance of the Lamenting Souls

A literate Bleach RP for the few who desire it.

Tags: Bleach, Literate, Anime, Roleplaying, Roleplay

Machiavellian Realist Private 9 1
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