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Unlock the prophetic wisdom of the final book of the Bible that reveals all things (from the beginning to the end).

Tags: revelation, christ, bible, prophecy, spiritual

nikkitynikk Public 348 40
The Guild for Believers of Salvation through Christ Rowena Marion Private 13,813 366
The Christian Lounge

random acts of kindness and Christian hangout guild.

Tags: Kindness, Christian, Hang out, study, brotherhood

Steven Jacob Ward Private 235 6
Creation Science Evangelism

Creation. Evolution. Dinosaurs. The Bible.

Tags: Science, Creation, Evolution, Bible, Evangelism

SiLV3R LiTHiUM Public 183 11
i Make Profiles ;]

i Make pro files for gold the price depends on what you wannt.

x-iMostDopee Public 2 1
Mission to Gaia

A Christian guild with an educated staff, dedicated to answering questions about the Bible and Christianity.

Tags: Christianity, Christian, Evangelism, Bible, Jesus

Crimson Raccoon Public 2 2
Seraphim Bible Church

We piss off most Churches.

Tags: Christian, Metal, Seraphim, Bible, Anti-Religion

xPOISON_FREEx Public 11 5
More Than A Carpenter (A Christian Guild For Jesus Lovers)

We are carved by God, all shaped from his hands.

Tags: christian, jesus, love, bible, carpenter

HaruHaruHana Public 2 2
Apocalypse RPG!

A Role Playing Game Following the lines of the Revelations

xXMickiSiXx Public 14 4
Bibles, Blades and Bullet Holes.

True Cross Academy. New York Division. An Ao No Exorcist role play and community.

Tags: Ao No Exorcist, Blue Exorxist, Roleplaying

Yurako Public 8 4
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