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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Guild for Believers of Salvation through Christ Rowena Marion Private 13,813 366
The Christian Lounge

random acts of kindness and Christian hangout guild.

Tags: Kindness, Christian, Hang out, study, brotherhood

Steven Jacob Ward Private 235 6

Unlock the prophetic wisdom of the final book of the Bible that reveals all things (from the beginning to the end).

Tags: revelation, christ, bible, prophecy, spiritual

nikkitynikk Public 348 40
Creation Science Evangelism

Creation. Evolution. Dinosaurs. The Bible.

Tags: Science, Creation, Evolution, Bible, Evangelism

SiLV3R LiTHiUM Public 183 11
i Make Profiles ;]

i Make pro files for gold the price depends on what you wannt.

x-iMostDopee Public 2 1
Mission to Gaia

A Christian guild with an educated staff, dedicated to answering questions about the Bible and Christianity.

Tags: Christianity, Christian, Evangelism, Bible, Jesus

Crimson Raccoon Public 2 2
Seraphim Bible Church

We piss off most Churches.

Tags: Christian, Metal, Seraphim, Bible, Anti-Religion

xPOISON_FREEx Public 11 5
More Than A Carpenter (A Christian Guild For Jesus Lovers)

We are carved by God, all shaped from his hands.

Tags: christian, jesus, love, bible, carpenter

HaruHaruHana Public 2 2
Apocalypse RPG!

A Role Playing Game Following the lines of the Revelations

xXMickiSiXx Public 14 4
Bibles, Blades and Bullet Holes.

True Cross Academy. New York Division. An Ao No Exorcist role play and community.

Tags: Ao No Exorcist, Blue Exorxist, Roleplaying

Yurako Public 8 4
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