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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
DC vs Marvel Universe

Roleplay with your favorite DC and Marvel characters!

Tags: Batman, Marvel, Role, Play, Roleplay

Doctor Victor Von Doom Public 430 49
DCU's Gotham City

A city full of villain scum

Tags: batman, gotham, arkham, dccomics, Roleplaying

Nightwing the Renegade Private 570 23
Marvel Nerds United

A place to Roleplay and Discuss all things Marvel!!! We Have fanfiction!!!

Tags: Marvel, X-men, roleplay, comics, Fanfiction

Witch of the Wild Public 5,469 55
SuperBlogs United

Write your own superhero and/or supervillain stories through blogs, then read, enjoy, and comment on others!

Tags: superhero, supervillain, blog, superblogs united

Oni Kumori Public 2 2
Guild of Justice: Superhero Fans Come Together Venus Inukyo Public 24 8
DC Comics Guild

Tags: DC Guild, Comics, DC Universe, Batman, Superman

aliatelilith Public 566 116
In The Shadows of the Night

A multi crossover rp where the light strives against the dark.

Tags: roleplaying, anime, crossover, series, Kingdom Hearts, games, films, books, TV, Final Fantasy, Naruto, Death note, Witch, batman, Harry Potter, Xmen

Kadajs Little Vampire Private 3,474 20
The Ultimate Party Guild

The only Guild where you'll get the ULTIMATE party

Tags: Ultimate, Party, Time, Guild, Parties

controlledchaos24 Public 316 40

If you're reading this, I don't know why. The title means all.

Tags: Anti-hero, Comic, Marvel, Supervillian, Superhero

Chasing a Dream Private 202 18

This guild is for role-playing and comic book discussions.

Tags: DC Comics, Batman, Superman, Marvel, Daredevil

StarTrekPicard Public 504 17
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