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In The Shadows of the Night

A multi crossover rp where the light strives against the dark.

Tags: roleplaying, anime, crossover, series, Kingdom Hearts, games, films, books, TV, Final Fantasy, Naruto, Death note, Witch, batman, Harry Potter, Xmen

Kadajs Little Vampire Private 3,474 20

This guild is for role-playing and comic book discussions.

Tags: DC Comics, Batman, Superman, Marvel, Daredevil

StarTrekPicard Public 504 17
Guild of Justice: Superhero Fans Come Together Venus Inukyo Public 24 8
DC Comics Guild

Tags: DC Guild, Comics, DC Universe, Batman, Superman

aliatelilith Public 566 116
DC vs Marvel Universe

Roleplay with your favorite DC and Marvel characters!

Tags: Batman, Marvel, Role, Play, Roleplay

Doctor Victor Von Doom Public 430 49
The Ultimate Party Guild

The only Guild where you'll get the ULTIMATE party

Tags: Ultimate, Party, Time, Guild, Parties

controlledchaos24 Public 316 40

If you're reading this, I don't know why. The title means all.

Tags: Anti-hero, Comic, Marvel, Supervillian, Superhero

Chasing a Dream Private 202 18
Gotham Knight

An escape to Gotham City as a Batman Character or ones you create yourself.

Tags: Gotham, Knight, Batman

Violet Meira Public 338 7
Destroyed By Ags

A JLA Superhero guild recently killed by the notorious Major Bobby

Tags: Justice League, Batman, Superman

Marvel Avenger-Iron Man Public 19 2
SuperBlogs United

Write your own superhero and/or supervillain stories through blogs, then read, enjoy, and comment on others!

Tags: superhero, supervillain, blog, superblogs united

Oni Kumori Public 2 2
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