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Results for "Batman"

Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Brave New World: DC RP Guild

Be a hero or a villain to determine the fate of the World.

Tags: DC Comics, Justice League, Young Justice, Injustice Leauge, Heroes vs Villains

Rebel the DESTROYA Public 539 12
Return of The Dark Knight

A batman Role playing guild

Tags: Batman, Fighting, Comics, Joker, RolePlay

moustachelover17 Public 636 17
DC and Marvel Universe: Heroes Unite

Be you're own DC or Marvel hero or be you're favorite. Be a hero and stop the villains in both worlds or be a villain and cause some chaos!!

Tags: DC Universe, Marvel Universe, Heroes, Villians, Good

PairsOsocks Public 2,757 23

For DC and Marvel Universe role play

Tags: Avengers, Batman, x-men, DC comics, Marvel comics

NuSith Private 1,471 22
Epic Heroes

Create, fight, save the world.

Tags: super, hero, roleplay, writing, battle

Phenonymous Public 14,894 42
Rise of the Revolution ( A DC Comics RP Guild )

A Totally Different DC Comics Roleplay.

Tags: DC Comics, Superheroes, Batman, Young Justice, Role Play

Tuff Kaicho Private 997 22
In Blackest Night (Under Contrsuction)

A Guild for all DC Superhero fans.

Tags: batman, superman, green lantern, superheroes, DC comics

Captain Kissel Public 725 16
DC: Universe 313

The DC Universe has be rewritten. Make your own story, and find your place as a hero, villain, or in between in DC Universe 313! *Semi-Lit*

Tags: DC Comics, Wonder Woman, superhero, Batman, Superman

Inked Sonnet Public 1,551 8
Ultimas: Original Superheroes Universe

A world, a universe, with its own heroes, villains, and everything in between.

Tags: Superpowers, Heroes, Villains, Original Universe, Literate

Malith of Praxius Private 35 6
The World Of DC (Rp Guild)

A DC Roleplaying group

Tags: Comic, batman, dc comics, Goodtimes, roleplay

Flipflopped Public 17 5
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