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Video game haven!

Here we talk to each other about all kinds of games, anime, characters, and more! So join today! Click for more info!

Tags: games, kingdom hearts, modern warfare, assassins creed, anime

swordcrossxx Public 336 133
Gotham City Sirens

A Literate RP based in Gotham City. Harley, Ivy, and Catwoman run this town whether B-Man likes it or not.

Tags: Batman, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Gotham City

Vibrant Little Nightmare Public 517 35
Justice League: The Roleplay

Roleplaying goodness with the addition of superheros.

Tags: Superheros, Roleplay, Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman

-ART-tabulous- Private 1,173 12
Civil War: DC and Marvel Heroes Sex and Caffeine Private 5,420 14
DC: Universe 313

The DC Universe has be rewritten. Make your own story, and find your place as a hero, villain, or in between in DC Universe 313! *Semi-Lit*

Tags: DC Comics, Wonder Woman, superhero, Batman, Superman

Inked Sonnet Public 1,551 8
DC Comics: Roleplay and Hangout

A place where you can hangout out and/or roleplay as Batman characters or characters you create.

Tags: Batman, Roleplay, Hangout, DC Comics, Superman

The Marvel Man Private 1,835 6
Brave New World: DC RP Guild

Be a hero or a villain to determine the fate of the World.

Tags: DC Comics, Justice League, Young Justice, Injustice Leauge, Heroes vs Villains

Rebel the DESTROYA Public 539 12
The Lantern Corps

All Lantern's Corps. combine

Tags: Lantern Corps, Green, Red Lanterns, Blue, Yellow

Captain Locutus Public 2 1
Justice's Minions

A Guild made for comic roleplays from DC and Marvel

Tags: roleplayers, united, comics

TheWineStainedRose Private 1 2
Injustice: Gods Among Us

Tags: Heroes, Batman, Superman, Joker, Wonder Woman

Ghost_Rios Public 263 3
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