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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Gaian Super Villain Guild

Search and Destroy! Super Villains UNITE!

Tags: Super Villain, Evil, Comic Books, Bad Guys, Marvel

OZ -BS13- Public 10,940 58
the world of soul eater

for people who love soul eater & role playing

Tags: soul, eater, role, playing

kaoru 94 sensei Public 36 10
The DC/Marvel Universe

This is a guild for all those who love Marvel and/or DC comics, movies, games etc. here you can RP, Chat, even create your own hero

Tags: comics, marvel, super heroes, DC Comics, avengers

The_Dark Kn1ght Public 9,016 201
The Seven Elemental Rifts

There are 7 elemental rifts: Darkness, Light, Fire, Air, Water, Terra, and the Void also known as Space.

Tags: Role Play, Elemental, Wars, Romance, Giveaways

SilverBowAndArrow Public 1,128 12
Marvel's Avengers Roleplay Guild

It's an Avengers roleplay guild ._____.

Tags: Marvel, Avengers, roleplay, awesome

Lily Fair_FF VII Public 567 20
The Anime,Manga and Gaming Guild

We talk all Anime, especially Bleach, Naruto, Inuyasha, Ronin Warriors, and DBZ

Tags: Bleach, Naruto, Teen Wolf, Avengers, Power Rangers

Moonlight_shadow434 Private 26 8
Andy 6 and rock fans xD

All Andy 6 fans and rock fans here alot of people now a days are listening to rap hip hop and almost 2% still keep rock alive

Tags: linkin park, three days grace, Andy sixx, slipknot, avenge sevenfold

Xxino_chanxX0128 Public 116 63
Fate/Stay Night The 8th Holy Grail War

Where Heroes Reincarnation come to take part of a tournament of the Holy Grail.

Tags: Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Apocrypha, Type-Moon, Fate/Extra CCC, Fate/Zero

Psychic-Academy213 Private 1,160 20
Military school!

We want to teach those who dont know how to fight for justice and about life in the battlefield

Tags: Freedom, Justice, Avengers, Education, Military school

Capt Steve Rogers Private 13 5
Marvel Comics Guild

All cosplayers, roleplayers, and fans are welcome to join this guild!

Tags: Avengers, X Men, Marvel, Heroes, Stan Lee

Mister Stark Private 616 38
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