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Little Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

A Hogwarts guild where you can both role play and chat with friends. Going into our 4th active year, never been fully dead.

Tags: Hogwarts, Harry Potter, Magic

LilyHermioneChapman Private 13,431 2
naruto: past terrors

we have it all. action, humor, romance, and anything else important

Tags: austin, naruto, terrors, past, gfed

g-fed Private 3,344 41
Noble Dromies

a guild that helps gaian beginners help earn money and information also a war guild for drome egg holder against the grunnies

Tags: games, random, entertainment, advice, personality

axl the azn boi Private 538 22
The Austin Powers Guild!

The guild for Austin Powers' fans.

Tags: Austin Powers, Shagging, England, Movies, Television

nina corleone Public 46 7
The Rawr Family

Rawr Family

Tags: Rawr, Family, quin, austin, Roar

Winter Coco Public 9 8
tHe CoNtEsT gUiLd!!!


Tags: free, gold, naruto, contest, item

HarmonicBean Public 29 23
All Pro Grand Prix (APGP)

Yet another febal attempt at a wrestling federation role play.

Tags: Wrestling, Grand, Prix, APGP

MrSteppingstone Private 9 1
The Official Zach Anner Fan Club

The Next Oprah: Zach Anner, a self- described "wheelchair bound lady magnet". Not to mention he's funny, charming and a pure inspiration.

Tags: Zach Anner, The Nest Oprah, Zach, Anner, Funny

Lisa Cell Public 6 4
Shadowrun: 4e!

A place to play the fourth edition of Shadowrun

Tags: Shadowrun, Role Playing Game, Pen and Paper, Roleplay, Cyberpunk

BinaryWraith Public 35 11
Austins Random Box

This is a guild where you can Pawn, Sell, or Buy items.

Tags: pawn shop, pawn, gold, cash, money

best sandwich ever Public 5 1
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