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The Bar Code Tattoos

A futuristic thriller role play.

Tags: Tattoo, Role Play, Futuristic, Gothic, Adventure

GAlA SITE ASSISTANCE 2011 Public 19 15
Inheritance Series Guild tasfish2008 Public 179 6
The Soul Soceity

This Guild is welcomed to all!!!

Tags: Soul Soceity, Soul Reaper, Shinigami, 13 Squads

Cecile Silverstone Public 563 53
The Shinigami Academy: Aftershock [on hiatus]

Scientia potentia est: Knowledge is power

Tags: bleach, aftershock, shinigami academy, literate, role-play

BadAyka Public 3,450 49

Need the gold, but tired of tricks and scams? Tell me why YOU need the gold.


ann ann shizuka Public 242 322
Kingdom of Holy Rocker101

This is the governmental site of the Gaian nation known as the Kingdom of Holy Rocker101

Holy Rocker101 Public 8 12
The Black Order [[ D. Gray-man Roleplay ]]

Role-Play as one of the original characters or make your own, and join the battle for the sake of humanity.

Tags: D. Gray-man, Exorcists, Akuma, Innocence, Roleplaying

The MiIIennium EarI Public 685 13
Assassin's Creed Project: Faith

Time has passed, and the Assassins have risen to take greater risks against the Templars..

Tags: Assassin's Creed, Roleplaying, Templars, Abstergo Industries, Brotherhood

Abstergo Industries Public 82 16
Crescent Star Academy

Welcome to Crescent Star Academy! Where students of all species are welcome.Come join the fun!

Tags: High School, Romance, Class, Party

Kirto the blood knight Public 82 17
zOMGaians against Poaching

The zOMG Anti-Poaching Group / Guild

Tags: zOMG, Gaians, Antipoaching, Farming

SilverChaosti Public 5 9
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