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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Reaper's Harvest

Join the Dark Side

Syaoran15_08 Public 5,562 31
Assassin's Creed Project: Faith

Time has passed, and the Assassins have risen to take greater risks against the Templars..

Tags: Assassin's Creed, Roleplaying, Templars, Abstergo Industries, Brotherhood

Abstergo Industries Public 82 16
The Bar Code Tattoos

A futuristic thriller role play.

Tags: Tattoo, Role Play, Futuristic, Gothic, Adventure

GAlA SITE ASSISTANCE 2011 Public 19 15
Inheritance Series Guild tasfish2008 Public 179 6
The Soul Soceity

This Guild is welcomed to all!!!

Tags: Soul Soceity, Soul Reaper, Shinigami, 13 Squads

Cecile Silverstone Public 563 53
The Shinigami Academy: Aftershock [on hiatus]

Scientia potentia est: Knowledge is power

Tags: bleach, aftershock, shinigami academy, literate, role-play

BadAyka Public 3,450 49
Kingdom of Holy Rocker101

This is the governmental site of the Gaian nation known as the Kingdom of Holy Rocker101

Holy Rocker101 Public 8 12
The Black Order [[ D. Gray-man Roleplay ]]

Role-Play as one of the original characters or make your own, and join the battle for the sake of humanity.

Tags: D. Gray-man, Exorcists, Akuma, Innocence, Roleplaying

The MiIIennium EarI Public 685 14
Crescent Star Academy

Welcome to Crescent Star Academy! Where students of all species are welcome.Come join the fun!

Tags: High School, Romance, Class, Party

Kirto the blood knight Public 82 17
zOMGaians against Poaching

The zOMG Anti-Poaching Group / Guild

Tags: zOMG, Gaians, Antipoaching, Farming

SilverChaosti Public 5 10
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