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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Corinthos Chronicles (RP guild)

Enter a world revolving around elemental magic and fantastic creatures. Find your own place in these forgotten lands

Tags: Role playing, Elements, Lycantropy, Fantasy, Adventure

Kyrlancello Public 1,032 54
Shastia Reborn

A guild based role play. War is around us join a kingdom join a cause. Can you solve the great mystery?

Tags: War Style, Role Play, Tatical, Secrets, Evil

Angel_Wings_Take_Flight Public 595 18
Universe Infinity ~ The possibilities are endless

The Divided Universe ~ Roleplaying guild of unlimited proportions

Tags: Divided, Universe, Roleplay, Battle, Non-linear

Shroud Sakai Private 8,672 28
Video game haven!

Here we talk to each other about all kinds of games, anime, characters, and more! So join today! Click for more info!

Tags: games, kingdom hearts, modern warfare, assassins creed, anime

swordcrossxx Public 336 133
Naruto: The Omikami Clan

Welcome to the Village Hidden in the Dawn, the home of the great Omikami Clan.

Tags: Naruto, Clan, Ninja, Roleplay, Assassin

Il Matto Private 7,544 19
Reaper's School of Darkness

A school to help you become powerful.

Tags: magic, middle/high/school, Darkness/shadows, Blood, Reapers/death

kaoru 94 sensei Public 7,465 40
Assassins Of The Universe [AOTU]

We will do anything for a price!

Tags: Assassins, Mercenaries, Hireable

PraiseMeh Private 3 2
Assassins of Gaia Online

Nothing is true; everything is permitted.

Tags: Assassin's Creed, Ezio, Altair, Connor, Edward

Kitsune Muggy Public 100 28
~(The Blood Brotherhood)~

Come, join us in our sanctum…The Blood Mother welcomes all into our role play assassins guild. Whether you survive or not is up to you…

Tags: Assassins, Role Playing, Blood Brotherhood, Kill, Combat

Eve Risner Public 28 8
The Tales of Juno. A Literate Roleplay Guild. [Dawn]

Literate Roleplay Guild. Fantasy.

Tags: Literate Roleplay, Mythical Beasts, Fantasy

Voxy Sky Public 8 2
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