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Assassins Sanctuary

An entertaining family of deadly beings looking for more people to corrupt... I mean have fun with...

Tags: Fantasy, Assassin, Role play, Sanctuary, Drink

Sheggorath the skooma cat Private 220 36
Assassin's Creed: The Spark {Open and Accepting}

1773: Three years before the "Shot Heard 'Round the World" rang out, an underground war was taking place behind the scenes...

Tags: Assassin's Creed, Connor Kenway, Haytham Kenway, Pieces of Eden, Templars

Pvt Dante Numero Private 2,952 12
The Valsaren Chronicles (Closed for Reconstruction)

Welcome to the Kingdom Of Valsaren

Tags: RolePlay, Adventure, Kingdom, SemiLiterate, Fantasy

Fang Massacre Public 3,660 54
The Nameless Village

This is a Role-Playing Guild built from the skeleton of the Naruto Universe but is in no way a Fan Guild and shall never be treated as such.

Tags: Ninja, Village, Original, Naruto, Battle

0LivingDeath0 Private 6,391 68
Grand Chase: Join the Chase!

For Grand Chase lovers, players, and more :D

Tags: Grand, Chase

X_Kohana Nozomi_X Private 7,419 192
Honor Amoung Thieves

Tags: Theif, Knight, Medieval, Fantasy, Anime

_Sleepying_angel_ Private 418 3
Jashimari Assassins Guild

a place for cold-blooded killers come tother to compete for lord o the dance

Tags: Jashimari, Blade, Dance, Death, Assassins

Lord Conash Private 23 6
Assassins For Justice

It's a guild for assassins (role-play)

Tags: Assassins, Role Play

BladedANGELWOLF Public 656 6
Persona 3: Shadows [O/A]

Nyx was sealed many years ago. However, shadows have begun to spring up again. New shadows now live, and the seal was found to be broken.

Tags: Persona 3, Gaming, Roleplay, Action, Romance

SpazzticPanda1311 Public 197 11
Talk Assassins

Talk about Assassins Creed

Tags: Xbox, Assassins Creed

wolfgirl199715 Public 1 2
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