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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
mercenary's and assassin's

contract killers

nightfighterazure Public 7 18
Indigo Moon

RP guild

Tags: Roleplay, Vampire, Werewolf, Assassin, Ninja

Saix Daemoniac Private 210 6
The Ikari Clan

A great evil has resurfaced, looking to destroy this world. The Ikari's will not let him succeed...

Tags: Ikari, Clan, Literate, Fighting, Evil

Blaze Ikari Public 1,083 13
Gaia Online Police Department (GOPD)

This police department is only the best of the best keeping Gaiaonline safe from all criminals. You do need the required uniform to join.

Tags: GOPD, Police, Department, Cops, the law

Specter Alpha Public 1,470 96
Assassin's Creed: League of Brotherhood

Assassins creed and Role playing

Tags: Assassin's Creed, Assassins, video game, Role Playing, Brotherhood

Lady Black Lycan Public 2,140 98

A Supernatural Mafia Role Play

SiLLEH - - KiTTEH Private 575 2
Arcana di Rosetta

To Interact with one another. To develop.

Tags: secret, rosetta, roleplay, assassins, researchers

Seraphia Lucybell Private 23 4
Blood Of The Ancients

Will you join us? If not... Id start running

Tags: Vampire Queen - Rylyn, Vampire - Jaku Tenshi, Vampire - Anztrev, Flegling - Electric Pound

-Mistress Rylyn- Public 1 2
Ruined World

Welcome to a world ruined by the darkness with the ties of fate severed

Tags: Fantasy, Role-playing, Pirates, Battle, Magic

Gin Xyrin Public 3 4
Marionette Assassins

A fun hang out

Tags: hangout, friends, marionette

senpaislut Public 11 8
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