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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Bleach: Hollow Reborn

3rd generation Bleach guild.

Tags: Soulreaper, Arrancar, Anime, role-play, Manga

Duelist Shimizu Private 14,551 31
Bleach ReBirth of Seireitei Law.

A Semi-Literate Rp for fun and for Beginner to grow.

Tags: shinigami, arrancar, vizard, bleach, romance

Akihiko Kazuki Public 5,272 41
Bleach: Ballad of Blades

A semi-lit, simple stat-based Bleach Guild. Created November 11, 2011.

Tags: Anime, Bleach, Espada, Shinigami, Fight

Mochii Iced Tea Public 9,550 20
~A Soul Reaper's Seranade~

Be a Soul Reaper, Espada, Visard or what ever! We welcome all!

Tags: bleach, soul reaper, espada, vizard, semi-literate

QuietNinja96 Public 13,325 9
Bleach: Rise of the Lost (Reconstructing for Reboot)

A new bleach world, with new races, and plenty of options as to where you RP

Lanfaer Private 4,017 7
Bleach: A Dark Era

Post-apocalyptic Bleach guild.

Tags: Bleach, RPing, Apocalypse, Dark Era, Shinigami

Sendo Pythol Public 722 17
Bleach: New Generations

The Soul Society, a group of powerful poeple keeping peace among both the World of the Living and the Seireitei.

Tags: Zanpaku-to, Arrancar, Soul Reapers, Role-play, Shikai-Bankai

Memories of Xemnas 1 Public 99 9
The Seireitei Hunger Games

Soul Reapers fight to the death

Tags: Bleach, Hunger Games, Soul Reaper, Mocking Jay, Peeta

Yoshi Furukawa Private 96 11
Bleach: The 2nd Great War

A Bleach based RPG

Tags: Social, Romance, Fighting, Action, Anime

thelegendofzack Public 1,023 7
Bleach World - A Bleach Roleplay

In an alternate world, with no Ichigo Kurosaki, can the Soul Society Survive Aizen's onslaught?

Tags: Bleach, Arrancar, Shinigami, Zanpakuto, Soul Society

Shun of Blackwood Public 34 7
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