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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Bleach: Unforgiven

This amazing bleach guild incorperates most every aspect in Bleach and offers in-depth storyline RP as well as intricate character design.

Tags: Bleach, Role Playing, Anime, Arrancar, Vizard

Lord Mephilis Private 1,270 45
Bleach Saga's (Bounts, Vizard, Vice Captain requests needed)

A relaxed roleplay guild for Bleach!

Tags: Bleach, Roleplay, Hollow, Manga, Anime

Beowulfhinamo Private 2,912 51
Bleach: The Gotei 13 Reborn

Semi-Literate Bleach Role Play U/C

Tags: Anime, Bleach, Arrancar, Shinigami, Espada

WPLeatherWood2316 Public 18,340 28
Bleach: Deception

The peace is again threatened as the Arrancar seek to release Sosuke Aizen. !Captain and Espada seats still open.!

Tags: Bleach, Literate, Roleplay, Anime, Manga

Caelum Tsukiyo Private 7,443 20
Bleach: The Rise of a New Hope

The battle for the survival of humanity begins now...

Tags: Bleach, Anime, Action, Adventure, Fantasy

kiropterain1 Public 217 17
Bleach: Eternal Darkness.

A Bleach And Naruto guild

Tags: Vizard, Bleach, Arrancar, Contracts, Naruto

Montario The Great Public 1,625 2
bleach: shadow mask legends

an awesome create your own character(s) bleach rp guild

Tags: role play, bleach, mask, shadow, legends

kaoru 94 sensei Public 79 9
Bleach RP: Legends of the New Beginning

Join any side and start your very own legend.

Tags: Bleach, Vizard, Bount, Shinigami, roleplay

soul_eater178 Private 51 11
Bleach: The Aftermath [O/A]

Bleach Rp

Tags: Bleach, Zanpaktou, Bankai, Roleplay, Accepting

Nitachi Kitashi Public 595 5
Vizard Society

The Vizards have risen. The reign of the Soul Society is over.

Tags: Vizard, Bleach, Arrancar, Shinigami, Vizard Society

Ice X Shadow Private 12 5
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