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Royal Lone Wolves

a pack of "lone wolves" banded together, to have fun.

Tags: role-playing, mythical creatures, royalty, family, "lone wolf(s)"

KeystoneShaneDVS Public 55 37
Fire Emblem: A chaotic world

Fire Emblem Roleplay with Original Characters

Tags: Fire Emblem, Roleplay, Seisen no Keifu, Binding Blade, Path of Radiance

greatrieck Public 50 5
To Each His Own

Vampires vs. Zæroids

Tags: Battle/War, Zaeroids, Vampire, Romance, Action, Military

Hakoken Private 594 51
Cake Plaza

A place where people can join the "Cake army''~!

Tags: Cake, Cute, Kawaii

Kuma Cake Public 150 12
The Bunny Army

Join the army. Serve the supreme fluffy bunny overlord!

Tags: bunny, army, cute, chatterbox

Mikiberry Public 4 5
Ruined World

Welcome to a world ruined by the darkness with the ties of fate severed

Tags: Fantasy, Role-playing, Pirates, Battle, Magic

Gin Xyrin Public 2 4

A free Role play environment, accepting of all Races/Species and Classes/Abilities.

Tags: Fantasy, Original, Elite, New comers, Roleplaying

Rorek Orobus Private 16,868 56


Tags: Naruto, Role Playing, SemiLit, Action, Fantasy

Ichigo The Bunny Public 56 8
Star Fall Hollow Factions

Questing, Tournaments, Fighting and Collecting Creatures and Achievements are all part of this RP. Choose your faction and compete!

Tags: army, tournament, collect, rank, fight

Illeander Public 31 2

For animals

Tags: Animals, Gaia, Military, Army

CrystalyLuna Private 3 1
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