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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
.-~♥::When Clouds Are Caught::♥~-. When Clouds Are Caught Public 1,383 33
Arcadia Academy (An RP guild)

For the Anthros and furries alike!

Tags: Role playing, Kitsune, wolf, furry, anthro

CrucistheFox Public 3,629 36
Aithne's Furry Kingdom

The friendly furry guild.

Tags: furry, friendly, role play, support

Hogosha neko Private 35,452 24
Liebet's Wolf pack:Freedom for all kinds of Wolves

This pack is devoted to those who are proud of their wolf heritage. All Wolves, sub wolves, were-wolves and even potential wolves are welcom

Tags: Entertainment, Role Playing, Wolf, Anthro, Furry

Dr WhiteWolf Public 362 77
Anthro Safe Haven

A fursons only escape.

Tags: Furson, Semi-lit, Fighting

Kimura Inu Public 924 16
♥ ♫ Furries of Las Vegas ♫ ♥

We are furries who live in Sin City.

Tags: Furries, Anthropians, Anthros, Animals, Nevada

Foxtrot Fallout Public 8 9
Ammy's Guild

Tags: Role Play, Anthro, Animal, Amaterasu The Goddess, Forums

xX_AmaterasuTheGoddess_Xx Public 63 6
The Ultimate Pokemon experience

A pokemon anthro roleplaing guild ages 17 & up

Tags: Pokemon anthro, role playing, Slave and master, pokemon

NeonxPanties Private 1,753 25
Freedom City

Role Playing and Field Role Playing

Tags: Anthro, City, dystopia, freedom

Food The Dog Public 13 12
Anthro Slaves for sale

Come one Come all and own your own Anthro Slave

Tags: Anthro, slave, master

KamenRida Den-O Private 54 3
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