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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
StoneCrest :: New beginnings

Tags: redwall, anthro, battle

Lily Robinson Public 2,321 84
Furry Family and Friends Guild!

A supportive, friendly, and fun community for all furry and non-furry citizens of GAIA!

Tags: furry, role play, friends, community, anime

Mika Hisoka Public 1,740 73
2286 Futureistic roleplay

A roleplay based in the future

Tags: Future, Lasers, Space, Anthro's, Cyborg's

Talismanwolf Public 89 4
Anthro Gaia

A combat, Role-playing guild, for Furries and Humans alike.

Tags: Furry, Combat, Role-Playing, Anthro, Gaia

Sumasshu Public 760 12
MoonLove Wolf Clan (Rp Guild and other things.)

Rp, Friends and More

Tags: RolePlay, Wolfs, Speicies, Clan, Other

Lil_Angel_D Public 2,118 40
Anthro Clans little_wolf_paw Public 381 7
Keidran's Gathering

A RP Guild for the Furry fans on Gaia.

Tags: Role Playing, Furry, Neko, Two Kinds

WingOfRavyn Public 26 8
Tails and Tales

A Furry Guild For Role Playing, Chatting, And Hanging Out With Other Furries/Anthros

Tags: Furry, Anthro, Role Play, Chat

Cleric Knight Excalipaw Public 84 13
fox and wolf rp and ooc

for foxes, wolves, or any other type of animal to roleplay or chat

Tags: wolf, foxes, therianthropy, roleplaying, furry

The Kagitsune Public 26 12
Ҭhe Ҕearse ʗlan

Our Gateway Into Tromlúi

Tags: Ollpheist, Dynasty, Deathmatch, Mythical, Role-play

Larson Morbidity Hearse Private 38 1
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