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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Etheria Reloaded

Old Grounds, New Gods

Tags: Role Play, Sci-Fi, Future, Magic, Dystopian

Eevee_Evolved Public 648 10
StoneCrest :: New beginnings

Tags: redwall, anthro, battle

Lily Robinson Public 2,321 84
Anthro High School of Furries

A mostly furry school, but anyone is welcome

Tags: furry, anthro, high school, yuri, yaoi

XxKyubi_KunxX Private 3,379 10
Furry Family and Friends Guild!

A supportive, friendly, and fun community for all furry and non-furry citizens of GAIA!

Tags: furry, role play, friends, community, anime

Mika Hisoka Public 1,740 73
The Love And Tolerance Guild.

Love and tolerance is what we strive for.

Tags: Nonjudgmental, All Races, LGBT, Tolernat, Role-play

Lunar Renaissance Public 422 1
Ҭhe Ҕearse ʗlan

Our Gateway Into Tromlúi

Tags: Ollpheist, Dynasty, Deathmatch, Mythical, Role-play

Larson Morbidity Hearse Private 38 1
Legends of the 4 Warriors: Original story (WIP)

Be apart of the new begining of a legend of the Warriors (Not the cats), whether against them, or for them.

Tags: Powers, Anthro, Warriors, Magic, Legend

kiba214 Public 8 6
✩ Slash Elite Roleplayers ✩

This is for the elite roleplayers- for those who are tired of mediocre and illiterate roleplays.

Tags: Slash, lgbt, story, romance, original

An Experiment Private 1 1
Umbrae Regnum (Shadows of the Kingdom)

In the opressive light of the Human kingdoms, people both human and anthro alike must fight for survival.

Tags: Anthromorphs, Magic, Fantasy

Faolannus Private 41 4
Furry Hangout Guild

Furry Hangouts

Tags: Furry, Haven, Everything, Anthro, Furries

Gavriel_Death Private 4 2
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