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It's a furry thing!

Tags: Furry, Furries, Anthro, Anthropomorphic, Society

Warped Perspectiv Private 2,976 205
Chocolate and Crumpets - Renovating!

Don't be discouraged by the name -- we're still looking for new role players! :3

Tags: Role play, Original Character, Neko, Steampunk, Anime

Folle De Toi Private 3,443 8
Furry high

welcome to Furry High, a roleplaying guild for romance, fun, and adventure

Tags: romance, roleplaying, furry, anthro, adventure

Sgt Valhalla Private 284 10
Teen Furry Alliance

Teen Furry Alliance! The original teen guild for furries! Age 13-21! New guild and recruiting!!!

Tags: Teen, Furry, Anthro, LGBT, Roleplay

Kandle_The_Wosky Private 3,351 46
~.: Forgotten Wonders :.~ [ opeɴ ]

Mythical place where all of your wishs come true, only very few find this place, will you take that risk?

Tags: Anthro, Human, Fantasy, Hybrid, Shape shifting

raindrop423 Public 746 18
⋙⋙Tales of Faekor⋙⋙

A guild for the b/c shop Tales of Faekor, a fantasy anthro shop.

Tags: tales, faekor, fantasy, breedable, pets

Tales of Faekor Public 992 11
Furry Fortunes of Gaian Fandom

A guild to support Furries and all who support themselves. (bar and hang out. must be 18+ )

Tags: Furry, Roleplay, Anthro, Anthromorphic, Furaffinity

Shugi Mocha Public 31 12
Kung Fu Panda: Upriseing Legends

Tags: Anthros, Kung Fu, Action, Interesting Plots, Kung Fu Panda

Album Cover Public 679 8


Tags: Furry, Anthro, anthropomorphic, Hangout, Role Play

Twinkets Public 2 2
Neko Insanity

A roleplay guild for people with weird and/or epic tastes.

Tags: Neko, Random, Epic, Weird, Anime

Bloodlust-Silver Private 64 14
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