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This is a guild for furries and furry lovers. A place for art, friends, family, and life discussions.

Tags: Artwork, Furries, Furpile, bad_puns_beware, Anthro

Jojo the snow leopard Public 1,050 9
Felines and Canines - An Anthro RP!

An RP world full of animal/human hybrid characters.

Tags: anthro, hybrid, anime, magic, neko

Kagamine Rin CV02-A Private 37 6
=^.^= The NiKKo Guild =^.^= NiKKo PuPs Lodge Public 10,498 168
Guild of the Scarlet Skye

Official Gaia Online Guild of Stories of the Scarlet Skye

Anthro7 Public 310 20
~☽Vex Valentine's Furry Boarding School☾~ {O&A}

A sanctuary for furries. No Humans or Nekos!

Tags: valentine, furry, no humans, school, drama

o Vex o Public 436 2
Arceus' Wrath [[A Pokémon/Crossover Role Play Guild]]

A massive crossover role play set in the world of Pokémon. Arceus is in pain. Can you save him?

Tags: role play, pokémon, crossover, arceus, MarineGunnyChris

MarineGunnyChris Public 325 9
The Darkest Forest

A home for all non-human/abnormal creatures to live and fight.

Tags: Forest, roleplay, darkest, guardian, anthro

Eclipse13579 Public 56 4
Creating Anthro Gakuen and Anime Discussion

Our main point is to basically to use the forum to get more ideas faster and improve our work even more. You might find some interesting new

Tags: Graphic Art, Anthro, High School, Fanfiction, Manga

Tettai Public 11 12
An OC Guild

A place to share original characters, roleplay original stories, and make new friends!

Tags: Original Characters, Role Playing, Public, Characters

flotzie Public 4 2
Animal Invaders

A group of animal compadres who occassionally raid town as adorable animals

Tags: Animal, Invasion, Invaders, Cute, anthro

Beastmuffin Public 43 24
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