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Fantasy and History RPing

Love fantasy? Love history? Love one or the other? Love both? Heck, like RPing in general? This RP seeks to allow people to RP with these!

Tags: Atlantis, Pirates, Hellsing, Anne Rice, Wild West

Alien Interloper Public 1,551 119
The American Military Guild Bossman Joe Private 2,497 169
The Spirits - New Orleans [Open/Accepting]

Tags: prohibition, demons, mafia, bootlegging, 1920s

Prophyt Public 42 1
♪ ♫ ☆ єυяσνιѕιση ☆ ♫ ♪

The official Eurovision Guild.~

Tags: Eurovision, Music, Contest, Europe, Asia

xY o h a m a Public 224 22
Replay: A SHINee Guild

A guild designed for fellow fans of the contemporary band, SHINee to gather.

Tags: SHINee, K-pop, Dance, Music, SM Entertainment

Mitsukai Tacchi Public 180 31
The Devil Wears Prada


Tags: devil, prada, screamo, band, music

sanctus king Public 119 105
「NAGASAKI」 /a literate period roleplay/

Nagasaki is a roleplay revolving around the lives of the residents of Nagasaki after the WWII bombing

Tags: Historical, Nagasaki, World War II, Japan

LoliKokoro Private 55 3
Resident Evil Revalations ((Now Accepting)

Tags: Resident, Evil, Zombie

MrSecretAgentMan Public 147 7
African American Guild

This guild is for African Americans to show their pride.

Tags: Racism, Black, Community, Self Respect, African American

Reclaiming Our Grace Public 76 21
PHil. hangout.

Mga pilipino o ano mang lahi pwedeng sumali...

Tags: Philippine, pilipino, tribe, country, life

OGIEN Public 9 15
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