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Super Planet: Heroes vs. Villains

A wonderful RP guild for those creative people who create their own comic book characters.

Tags: superhero, supervillain, superpowers, hero, villain

Lavi Private 606 10
The Rider's Association Of Gaia Motorcycle Club Willow--Rosenburg Private 874 42
Alpha & Omega: Christian Gnostic Church

A Discussion group/Church inspired by the Gnostics and based on the NT and Nag Hammadi Library

Tags: Christianity, Gnosticism, Mysticism, Church, Christ

rmcdra Private 1,223 13
Madness Returns ~American McGee's Alice~

Drop down into the world of Alice.

Tags: American McGee's Alice, Alice, Video game, Wonderland, Madness Returns

VictorianMess Public 14 1
The Brothers' Battalion

A battalion made up of mostly Brothers.

Tags: Kicking Ass, Marine, Platoon, Warfare, American

-MSF- Veteran Marine Private 180 25
The American Resistance

The American Resistance Guild

Tags: America, Obama, Political, World, Order

yaywatermelons Private 144 9
War of the Ages

Choose your champion and lets here that roar!

Tags: Magic, Role Play, Hero, Mythology, Adventure

Little Knight Mordred Public 410 13
~The Truth~ New World Order (under construction)

Tags: new world order, barack obama, end game, world, conspiracy

DemoZero23 Public 115 2
The AM+JP Artists and Thinkers Club

Got an idea you wish to share? This is the place to do it! Let's get brainstorming!

Tags: Anime/Manga, Games, Brainstorming, Arts/Music, Ideas

Smith of Gear 92 Public 9 1
Conflicting Circles

Four hundred years in the future a war between an ancient Empire and a new Federation has begun.

Tags: Mecha, Future

Riku1186 Private 13 3
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