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Unholy Bliss

check it out... find out.... 4 floors to Slave/Master Rp Guild

Tags: Role playing, Anime, fantasy, discussion, literacy

xXForbiddenCrimsonXx Public 1,919 2
Super Planet: Heroes vs. Villains

A wonderful RP guild for those creative people who create their own comic book characters.

Tags: superhero, supervillain, superpowers, hero, villain

Lavi Private 606 10
The AARmy (an ACTIVE All American Rejects Guild)

an ACTIVE guild in honor of the All American Rejects and their awesomeness

Tags: All American Rejects, Tyson Ritter, Gives You Hell, Move Along

Xx_Yellowcard_Emmy96_xX Public 57 15
The Brothers' Battalion

A battalion made up of mostly Brothers.

Tags: Kicking Ass, Marine, Platoon, Warfare, American

-MSF- Veteran Marine Private 180 24
The Family Guy club

to talk about everything Family Guy and geting free seff for posting

Tags: family guy, chating, putting up pic, geting free suff, role play

hunter the brave190 Public 69 11
War of the Ages

Choose your champion and lets here that roar!

Tags: Magic, Role Play, Hero, Mythology, Adventure

Little Knight Mordred Public 410 13
~The Truth~ New World Order (under construction)

Tags: new world order, barack obama, end game, world, conspiracy

DemoZero23 Public 115 2
Conflicting Circles

Four hundred years in the future a war between an ancient Empire and a new Federation has begun.

Tags: Mecha, Future

Riku1186 Private 13 3
The Native Gals

Native shoes are the best, Bring em' or get out. c:

Tags: Hippster, Chickies, Girl group, Sexyyyy, Freaksss

radicaIpanties Public 17 5
Transformers: Cybertron

Welcome To The Home Of Cybertron

Han The Five-Tail Dolphin Public 41 2
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