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Land of Hidden Villages (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)


Tags: Ninja, Naruto, Jutsu, Ramen, Weapons, Hidden, Kage, Shadow, Random, Friends, Fire, Earth, Wind, Water, Dark, Leader, Shippuuden, Manga, Japan, Japanese, Village, Otaku, Book, Culture, Akatsuki

Kasai_Haigara Private 4,875 75
Naruto! Believe It!

One Of The Greatest RP Guilds out there!

Tags: Naruto, Anime, Roleplaying, Akatsuki

Hina Kaigari Private 3,760 11
~Akatsuki organization~

Akatsuki members can enjoy there days in the cave or go out on missions.

Tags: ninja, s-ranked, akatsuki, power

Akatsuki_itachi999 Public 26,487 47
Akatsuki of the Red dawn

Naruto Roleplay

Tags: Akatsuki, Role, play, Naruto, ninjs

Amiko_Aliander Private 876 11
Ninja of Kohona Gakure

A Naruto-baised roleplaying guild! play any character from the show or make your own!

Tags: Naruto, Ninja, Fighting, Villages, Funny

jace180013 Private 3,668 26
The Great Ninja War - A Naruto RP

A guild for those seeking action adventure and a little love

Tags: Sharingan, Naruto, Akatsuki, Tailed beast, Leaf Village

Twisted Tamashi Public 4,038 43
Naruto Rebirth (The Ultimate Naruto Guild)

The Fourth Shiniobi World War is over. Naruto became the Hokage, the akatsuki has fallen or so they thought.

Tags: Naruto, Role Playing, Rebirth, Akatsuki

Kyvar The Phoenix King Private 1,172 18
Naruto World Roleplay (DEAD)

The fourth great ninja war is over but the Akatsuki are back along with a new threat.

Tags: Naruto, Role, Play, Characters, Akatsuki

Blades252 Private 1,751 16
Cross Academy (Vampire Knight Human/Vampire RP)

Open and Accepting! Please join!

Tags: Vampire Knight, Vampire Human, Roleplay, Drama, Cross Academy

King Burken Public 1,291 5
Naruto: Waves of Shadow

A roleplaying guild based off of the Naruto genre.

Tags: Naruto, roleplaying, ninja, semi lit, freedom

Laram Knight Private 13 1
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