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The Seireitei (A Bleach Roleplaying Guild)

A literate roleplaying guild based on Bleach by Tite Kubo. Password required to join.

Tags: Bleach, Roleplaying, Literate, Non-Stat Based RP, Semi-Literate

Fighting Fefnir Private 218,888 7
Dangan Ronpa - Academy of Hope! - Now Beginning Classes!

Welcome New Students to the Academy of Hope!

Tags: Dangan Ronpa, Murder, Mystery, School

Cambion Ravenbane Public 14,474 15
✘[Guilty Pleasures]✘

A Literate Fantasy Role Playing Guild

Tags: Magic, Fantasy, Vampire, Gift, Werewolf

Laugh Now Die Later Private 12,084 107
~Tome of Universal Magicka~

Here you will learn the basics for Magick of all kinds. From learning how to see aura, to how to cast a magick circle.

Tags: Pagan, Wicca, Magick, Learn, School

LiluraIsis Public 2,007 89

(comming soon)

Tags: Random, booty grab, games, arts, General

blueRose98 Public 1,540 59

For those that enjoy hypnosis on a personal level.

Tags: hypnosis, erotic, mind control, brain washing, intimate

Kit Kit Caboodle Public 1,042 53

Welcome To Pink's Freebies. A Guild That Has Giveaways, Contests & More

Tags: Freebies, Contests, Giveaways

PinkShadowStarlight Private 17,539 237
Personal Marketing

The PM Crew

Tags: Personal Marketing, zomg, Ninja Ringsets, MasutaKokoBot, loot

MasutaKokoBot Private 277 32
Kingdom Of Furry Rp (Active Rpers Only)

A place where Furry, Neko, Anthro, ect fans can come to RP!

Tags: Furry, Neko, Anthro, Animal, Kingdom

Fox of Scarlet Private 91 12
+ The Phantomhive Manor +

For All Black Butler Fans

Tags: Role Play, Ciel, Phantomhive, Alois, Sebastian

xI Himura Kenshin Ix Private 49 12
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