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Gaians Addicted to Roleplaying

Roleplay addicts unite.

Tags: Fantasy, Romance, Horror, Action

BeautifulDisaster1496 Private 8,845 162
The Official Gakuen Heaven Roleplaying Guild

【~Bell Liberty Academy Welcomes All Role-players ~】

Tags: Gakuen Heaven, Bell Liberty, Shounen Ai, Roleplay, Yaoi

ShadowEternal Public 30,062 152
Pax Academy

School for thoes seaking a safe place.

Tags: School, Vampire, Demon, Niko, Human

Dawn Mercer Public 1,488 25
Solis: After Story

Seven years into the future, former students of Solis academy find each other once again to fight against those who threaten the world.

Tags: Solis Academy

Banshee Cupcake Public 444 11
ξver Ѧfter Ѧcademy

Tags: Ever, After, Academy

Angel Sterling Private 251 5
Chrono Academy

A fun RP guild that takes place in a magic teaching school! You can both learn and have fun in a world that grows as the school does!

Tags: Magic, Adventure, Role Play, Anime

Chi Chrono Public 7,508 5
Traverse Academy (under construction) HollowShards Private 79 8
Solis Academy: The Next Generation

One story branches off another, and the story continues on.

Tags: Solis Academy, Solis: After Story

Angel of Hollowness Public 397 9
♢ ♣ ♤ ♥ Four Aces Academy ♥ ♤ ♣ ♢

Four Academy is a school where supernatural beings can coexist with each other without the fear of humans discovering them.

Tags: anime, high school, supernatural

My Sweet Euphoria Public 190 31
School for Cannibals

Romance and terror, School for Cannibals will eat you alive or leave you to rot.

Tags: cannibal, roleplay, romance, academy, inprisonment

Rivaille-x-Ackerman Public 2 1
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