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Yokai Twin Acadmey

A guild for all anime lovers, rolplayers, supernatral, fun, and just about everything!

Tags: Anime, Vampire, Wolf, Roleplay, supernatral

Yuji jr Public 6,562 234
New Era of Yokai

Welcome to the new Era of Yokai and Human Coexistance under King of Yokai, YUJI JR

Tags: yuji jr, academy, yokai, world, king

Yuji jr Public 17,310 89
Yokai EVE Acadmey

Academy of all yokai and creatures of many types.

Tags: Yokai, Academy, Monster, Roleplay, School

Yuji jr Public 504 28
Seeds of War (A Fantasy/Feudal RP)

A action and drama RP Guild where two Clans fight for dominance in an eternal struggle.

Tags: Japan, Feudal, Drama, Samurai, Ninja

WeaselFanBoy Private 1,557 37
Past and Future: Clash of the meetings

Hehe, when the future meets the past. A recollection of rps for every shape and size.

Tags: Yokai, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, Romantic, Story telling

Haruka-nee Private 894 7
Shinwa no sekai

A Guild for Mythological creature Rp!

Tags: Mythological, Fairies, Romance, Oberon, Roleply

Ryu Nerith Public 257 6
Unofficial AG Empire

Tags: anime, discussion, games, gold, prizes

Darling Luvchild Public 1,358 9
New Era of Yokai: Ragar's Revenge

A side story to the New Era of Yokai Guild

Tags: Yokai, Ragar, Humans

tiredotaku Public 534 12
Yokai Academy International

A school for monsters by monsters. We need to live in harmony with the humans.

Tags: Anime, Rosario, Vampire, Yokai, Youkai

CyanideAndTea Public 656 76
Mika's Mysterious Place

Anime/Manga-based roleplay.

Tags: anime, manga, yokai, BLEACH

Hamika Kitsuhana Private 50 4
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