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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Uriah Galleries

Photo gallery of Jonathan Uriah Denney

Tags: Photography, Uriah Galleries, Gallery, Photo, Guild

That Photo Guy Public 1,048 1,437
FallOut Equestria

welcome to the wasteland everypony (guild currently under construction and accepting members)

Tags: fallout, equestria, roleplaying, my little pony, wasteland

icelcole Public 106 10
Isle of Moore

On an island surrounded by what seem to be "mirrors", five competitive regions lay. [[RP: Semi-Lit to Lit.]]

Tags: isle of moore, fantasy, life, magic, regions

ghub Public 1,036 36

Tags: Semi-Literate/Literate, Roleplay/Fighting

Ehzirri Private 481 12
Uncharted island

This is a survival guild with a twist... the twist is that you will soon unlock powers.

Tags: Role-playing, Survival, Powers, Island

Kane Solomon Private 543 4
Worldly Neighbors Association

We are problem solvers and admire so much with society.

Tags: Battle, Intelligence, Peace, Logic, World

DevilinMetamorpheus Private 13 2
The Island of Eden

Eden. Most scoff. It isn't anymore. Its filled with tyranny around every corner. Will you rise or fall? Help or destroy?

Tags: island, eden, drama, advanced, roleplay

Person-of-the-Rose Public 22 1
the Mirran Sagas

A fantasy role play guild taking place within and outside of the video game.

Tags: Immersive video game, action/fantasy, reality, crime fighting, duel world

SteelSouledAlchemist Private 2 7
A Thieves' Family (Guild and RP)

A guild of Thieves grow to see one another as a true family.

Tags: Thief, Guild, Family, Loot

Sweet Heartless Riku Private 34 6
A.F.F (art fashion and friends)

this is acadeny for gaians to show of their art skills, writing awesome poems, and making new friends please enjoy :3

Tags: Wildlife art, Introductions, poems, Fan art, Avatar art

xX-kitsune angel-Xx Public 121 37
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