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Scelus Academy [ O/A ]

A school located miles away from any form of modern civilizations is the perfect location for a juvenile correctional institution!

Tags: School, Academy, Role Playing, Literate, Supernatural

Chipmunk Giggles91 Public 823 11
ℂome †o †he ℂarnival ωith Ӎe

A literate carnival/horror based roleplay

Tags: Circus, Carnival, Horror, Roleplay, Literate

Jezebel Fell Private 2 1
.:Countdown:. A General IGPX Guild [New RP! Contest! WHOA!] !GreenEnigma! Private 9,354 30
Zombie Havic

The We are The Survivors, The Last Stand For Humanity We Stand Strong As The ".S.A.W." Unit "Survivors.At.War"

Tags: Zombie, RolePlay, Fighting, Shooter RP, Apocalypse

Stoned Pixels Public 8 1
♫♪♩♬ InDio Radio (Independent Radio) ♫♪♩♬

Spreading the joy of music from bands that have potential!

Tags: Independent Radio, Bands, World, Music, InDio Radio

InDio Radio Public 31 9

Neva Ignorant Gettin Goals Accomplished ~ Spreading positivity

gull Private 174 22
I Need Friends (INF)

Gaia is boring without the right companions. Especially for me, so I guess I'm using this guild as a way to find Gaians.

Tags: friends, gaia, roleplay, cats, whoa

amygo Public 18 9
legend of the shadow

anime rpg

I Am gothicdarkprincess Public 2 1
Finchy & Friends

Where we provide excellent roleplay partners, talk about the newest roleplay topics and have lots of fun.

Tags: friends, roleplay, writing

Finchyy Public 5 11
Phantasy Star Online 2 Gaian's Community

Meet new pso2 members and and make friends!

Tags: Pso2, Phantasy Star Online 2, Community, Gaians, Phantasy Star

Shy Regular Public 33 3
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