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In an alternate universe, what if True Cross Academy never existed? What if it wasn't Satan who raised hell, but something else?

Tags: Ao no Exorcist/Blue Exorcist, Alternate Universe, Roleplaying, Demons/Four Horsemen

Ashen Nights Private 283 2

This is a Homestuck roleplay guild

Tags: Homestuck, Alternate Universe, Roleplay

Forrest Haven Public 20 5

A collaborative guide to everything about Swagger.

Tags: Pokemon, Mafia, Alternate Universe, Roleplay, Everything

Wocaine Public 1,476 9
Fushigi Yuugi ~ Solstice: Starlight in the Darkness

Sometimes the dark never ends. ((A Fushigi Yuugi RP))

Tags: Fushigi Yuugi, Alternate Universe, Roleplay, Mysterious Play

Opaaru Private 3,901 13
Universe Infinity ~ The possibilities are endless

The Divided Universe ~ Roleplaying guild of unlimited proportions

Tags: Divided, Universe, Roleplay, Battle, Non-linear

Shroud Sakai Private 8,672 29
Universal Roleplay

Roleplay of All Kinds

Tags: Roleplay, role, play

Poetic Insinuation Private 774 3
Cerulean Dreams

Private roleplaying grounds.

Tags: Roleplaying, Roleplay, Neighborhood Roleplay, Fantasy Roleplay, University Roleplay

Sytara Private 3,182 6
The Enchanted Rhapsody: A Musical and Starry Ensemble

An Academy RP where Melody and Stars collides.Play your instruments and Make a wish.. Dreams may come true for the ones who truly believes..

Tags: University Roleplay, Wizards, Astronomy, Music, Semi-literate to Literate

Angel Mhai Private 8,963 20
Kodiak Island Jaeger Academy

Pacific Rim AU : Jaeger Academy

Tags: Pacific Rim, Alternate Universe, Roleplaying, kaiju, Jaeger

Star Stealing Giirl Private 178 5
Guild Under Construction//////

Tags: school/university, roleplay, fantasy/romance/scifi, humans/powers/monsters

Forbinding_scarlet_tears Private 20 5
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